In 2 Vases on Monday


Last week I used a tall plastic pink vase, but readers could not tell from the photos that it was plasticDSC_0638

So here it is empty and lying flat with two more. I’m hoping these photos give you a better ideaDSC_0635DSC_0642

The little mauve flowers – some sort of aster I think (?) are self seeded, as are the marigolds and the hypericum. I sat them on a plastic tablecloth with grass printed on it – funky? tacky? bonkers? – yes all three probably – but hopefully fun.

And things even seem to self-seed in my houseplantsDSC_0635 (1)

Any ideas? The leaves have speckles on them.

And thenz2I just had to have a play with that madget gadget on my camera z3 z4 z5


Now I need an extra day in the week so that I can take time to draw this ivy.

See the last photo much larger on the PHOTOS pageย here.

I’m even wondering if this photo, printed very large, say poster size, would look good as a framed picture to go above my fireplace – hmmmm. What do you think?

Hop on over to Cathy’s blog to see some more stunning vases on Monday.

Additional info:

I bought the vases about 20 years ago and can not remember where from, but the wonders of Google images – and LOOK!ย There are simply masses of them around apparently!

Camera effect: I have a Nikon D5200. The effect is built in. It has a setting on the dial which says ‘EFFECTS’ and the one I used is the ‘Colour Sketch’ effect.

I presume you can create the same effect in Photoshop.

30 responses to “In 2 Vases on Monday

  1. What a fun post. I enjoy buying flowers (without vases) and just stick them in the vases I already have. I like the plastic vase idea to use outdoors, like on a picnic.

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  2. What a neat vase. My husband buys me flower arrangements often, leaving me in a sea of vases to attempt to store, but these plastic ones seem they would seriously save the space.

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  3. Definitely funky this week! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thise vases are ingenious… easy to store too. And I love the tablecloth!

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  4. I love those funky vases and your camera gadget! The plastic grass tablecloth made me laugh too. As lawns are coming out right and left here in Southern California in response to our drought, a grass-printed tablecloth would be a wonderful joke to add in my garden.

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    • So glad it gave you a chuckle Kris! The tablecloth was in a pack for a football (soccer) themed birthday party with black and white footballs all round the edge, which I cut off. You must get one!! Like a visual pun – fun! Thanks for your lovely comment.


  5. I didn’t realize last week that your vase was flexible! What a clever idea for someone short on storage space. Love your hypericum – so attractive. And what fun you’re having with the special camera effects. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Thank you Eliza. I am glad that the comments last week made me realise that more explanatory photos needed to be taken of the vases. The vases are fun to travel with in a rucksack or suitcase. I really am loving that special effect – I do love gadgets! Thanks so much for dropping by. xx


  6. I’ve never seen flat vases like those! What a clever idea. And great camera effects….I really like the second picture.

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    • They are cool aren’t they – sadly not eco-friendly though! So glad you like the camera effect – I’m wondering where to take it – flowers and foliage come out particularly well I think. Thanks so much for letting me know the picture you like the best – it makes me look at it anew.


  7. So they are flat plastic until you add water…how unique for a vase and lots of room for storage. Wonderful vases displayed on the grassy background…I like it…and the pictures as drawings…each perfect framed.

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words! The vases have been hidden away for ages, I was glad to bring them out for this meme. It is such fun to see everyone’s vases each week – it feels like a party on a Monday.
      Congratulations for blogging for 5 years with such amazing regularity – that is an amazing achievement!


  8. Where did you find those fun plastic vases? what a good idea and you could use them to take flowers to friends I’m assuming?! I forget that my camera does that too, it is fun, I’d like to experiment with it more. Fun arrangement today.

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    • I found the vases in a gift shop, but can’t remember where. Follow the link I have now put in the post above to see masses of them. I guess they must be still available – not very eco-friendly though!
      I think the camera effect is especially fun for flowers and foliage.


  9. Oh I see what you mean about the plastic. I imagined it was a hard plastic and cut like crystal to make the reflections you had last week which were very pretty. Can you pick it up when it’s full?

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    • I’m glad the photos this week make more sense of vases. You can pick them up as the plastic is very thick and sturdy, however they are easily knocked over if the arrangement is top heavy as they are so lightweight.


  10. Thanks for following up with illustrations of how the vases work. These would be great to use. It’s fun to see your arrangement with the photo effect.

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    • Yes, I realised from the comments that the photos did not describe the vase fully. I’m loving that photo effect! I’m wondering how best to use it. Thanks so much for dropping by. I love the bright colours in your vase this week.


  11. I hadn’t appreciated your pink plastic vase was a ‘flat-pack’ one – what an amazingly effective concept. You could have hundreds (!) of different vases stored in a little box!! Where on earth did they come from? The ‘grass’ tablecloth makes a great backdrop to your self-seeded vases and those hypericum berries in particular are so pretty. Not sure if you have already told readers more about the camera effect – is it built in or an add on? I suppose there is the other way of using photoshop programmes – too little time to investigate though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  12. Yet another wonderful post, Daffy. I love those plastic vases, what a great idea. Love the grassy-looking tablecloth as well, trust you to have one of those!
    That madget gadget thing is brilliant, I love the way it makes everything look like a drawing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Ha ha! So glad you enjoyed the post, the cloth originally had footballs all round the edge for a themed boys party cloth – I cut them off and used the cloth for a woodland themed party. I’m just a teeny bit obsessed with the special effect button on my camera! Quicker than actually drawing!

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  13. Cool vases, unique design. I noticed the table cloth right away, love it! Very fun.

    It’s hard to say about the picture over the fireplace as I can’t envision the room, but the camera effect is interesting. You have a good eye so I say go for it if you’re tempted.

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    • Thanks Melissa, I bought the plastic cloth for woodland themed kids birthday party a while ago, fun to use it again. I’m intrigued by this camera effect, so I think I will try printing it out really big just to see the effect. I’ll let you know where I go with it.

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