No grief, no pining

I will be glad to be free

Of this old body



For Bluedaisyz Photo prompt: LISTEN

Another soothing take on ‘Listen’ by Cathy: and click here for Jamie’s avian photo.

Only slightly smaller than life-size this statue/sculpture is in a little pergola in Doreen’s garden in Branscombe, Devon



Pine tree pines for cones

Dropping to the ground to grow

Not grief, just pining


And Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge: PINE and GRIEF (including a nature reference)

Go see this post by TJ –  but allow some time to really take a good look at the sunrise photo – just stunning! Click on it and see it much bigger with more detail – gorgeous!

And Olga’s Haiku takes my breath away, the sparkling picture and that last line ……..!

Next week’s photo prompt is ORANGE


27 responses to “Listen

  1. LLovely Haiku Daffy. I loved the first one the best 🙂

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  3. Both haiku are lovely and I enjoyed the image too. The 2nd haiku was my favorite. 🙂

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  4. Brilliant as always Sandra. So impressed with both the Haiku and the photo is perfect for the word, a tough one it could be.

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    • Thank you Melissa – yes, not easy prompts in either challenge. I had to go through my photos to find a suitable one. I was pleased to come across this one, an opportunity to take another look at Doreen’s garden – not a garden I would want or have, but wonderfully quirky and Doreen so obviously has lovingly tended it for many years.

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      • I’ll admit to only just discovering each of the challenges words for the week here so am completely unprepared to join in. Have been ill for weeks first with headcold and then stomach flu and I am rarely sick. Rundown me thinks, so I gave notice to the hotel and will not be doing the last two weeks of the season. Huge relief! Now to get back to all things that matter most in my life and make me happiest, family, garden/home life and writing/blogging world.

        Sorry for the earfull!! But thanks for ‘listening’ as always my friend. Xx

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        • Oh no! I’m so sad to hear you have been poorly – please don’t feel the need to apologise. My listening ear is happy to be of service. I too feel a sense of relief that you have been able to hand in your notice, and want to rush over with hugs and hot drinks and cosy blankets. I know there was lots you enjoyed about the work and I’m so amazed you were able to do all the things you do – but even superwoman has her limits and it sounds as if your body has called ‘time’!
          On a selfish note – I really look forward to your writing, when you feel up to it – you have such a gift with words. I (like Ronovan) wonder if you are actually writing a book when you write your blog – yours is such a wonderful story.
          Take care dear one! Get some good rest ❤

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  5. Oh that’s lovely. Perfect words for the happy couple….long in love, long together. Very sweet.

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  6. Lovely poem. It goes so well with the picture.

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  7. I love your poem! Thanks so much for the reblog too! So flattered you liked my photos. Best wishes. TJ

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    • Thank you TJ – that photo is so stunning – I had to have another look this morning – the crisp silhouette and the little bit of sea to the right … scrumptious! Thanks for dropping by.


  8. Lovely statue, and I like your poem

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