dragon cake

wolfing down the cake

contrasts with her daily mood:

“No, that’s not for me!” 


Combining the two challenges of Bluedaisyz Weekly Photo Challenge: CONTRAST


Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Challenge: prompt words CAKE and WOLF

The photo is of my Mum on her 87th birthday, she often says “No” to things, but seemed genuinely delighted with her cake. Perhaps it was because it had a splendid Welsh Dragon on it, the cook at her nursing home handpainted it for her – I cried! Such a wonderfully touching thing for him to do.

Mum has dementia, a cruel and hideous disease, so it is particularly special when we can see that she is really enjoying herself.


And another one:

hungry wolf

pushes cake aside 

to feed on dreams


The ‘hungry wolf’ refers to the creative driver that lives inside which sometimes just will not let me attend to the everyday mundanities – know what I mean?

Photo prompts for the next 3 weeks – the last three weeks of the year – are RED, MAGIC and JOY

Update: Ronovan’s Review:

Contrast | Wild Daffodil. There are two Haiku, but I’m focusing on the first one. The Wild One might not see this as humor, but the fun I received from it tells me differently. The imagery and the truth of it makes it a sweet Haiku people will smile at when they read. The second Haiku is nice, but not humor and the first is so good and there is so much sentiment in it that it steals the show.

I’m thrilled that Ron picked up on the humour – one of Mum’s strongest and most endearing characteristics.


28 responses to “Contrast

  1. Both haiku are lovely. The first is very sweet and touching. Love the picture too. She looks happy.
    I can relate to the second one a lot. 😉

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  2. Both of these have that depth so difficult to achieve with a haiku.

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  3. Your Mom does look pleased. I love how you were able to capture her moment in the words of a haiku! Lovely photo, too.

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  4. Impressive haiku duo. Wonderful photo of your mom. The ‘hungry wolf’ is so creative. Love how you said so much, with so little.

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  5. Lovely Haiku Daffy, and how wonderful that your mum enjoyed her cake. Dementia is a cruel disease,so it is particularly wonderful to know that sufferers do get to enjoy some special moments 🙂

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  7. Very personal and beautiful contribution this week Sandra. She looks quite pleased with the festivities!

    I wish I could escape the mundane just a bit more…would be heaven to have more time to do what my heart desires and less of the necessities. On that note, didn’t even check my mail today (sorry, surely you promptly wrote back!) and it’s half eleven nearly and I must get myself into bed now. Sweet dreams to you and chat tomorrow.

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    • It does get easier – I remember my childcare years of snatching moments for creativity so well, although even then the mundane was often put aside in favour of making a mess with paint etc – I’ve always had a far too untidy house.
      Thank you for your lovely comment, hope you managed some sweet dreams too!

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      • Agreed, I would seriously go cuckoo if I had any goal of having a tidy house. It just isn’t going to happen! Creating with the children is very special time, as you know so well. I am well aware that it won’t be long and they mightn’t have the interest to sit down with me and ‘make a mess’ creating something special.

        I missed the creative haiku/photo boat this week…just too much to do out of the house, etc. Ah well, there’s always next week! Wonder what Ron’s words will be?!!

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  8. Bless her! My Mum is also 87 and has Alzheimer’s, but still able to be at home cared for by my brother. So pleased that the home took such a lot of trouble to give your Mum a happy day.

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    • They think my Mum probably has Alzheimers. Such a weird journey. Well done to your brother, not easy! Not easy for anyone in the family.
      It is a comfort to know my Mum is in a lovely home – just 21 residents, and the staff are just wonderful with her.


  9. I’m glad you got to experience her enjoying herself. Dementia is indeed very cruel.

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  10. Murtagh's Meadow

    Lovely yet poignant post. Love the welsh dragon. Happy Birthday to your Mum:)

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  11. Happy Birthday to your Mum! I am really sorry to read of the dementia though, those days of recognition are so precious. Lovely photo.

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