Vase on Monday: Honeysuckle?!


Can you believe it! Honeysuckle in January – the weather has gone all ‘Pete Tong’!


The flowers are scented with a subtle, slightly sharper scent than summer blooms and sit in another charity shop find. I just love the design of this little mug.


In answer to Cathy’s question in her ‘Vase on Monday’ post, regarding the weather in my part of the world, this is the view out of my kitchen window: dark and raining…… again!

I had to play around with exposure settings in ‘Photos’ to get any decent pictures


As you can see the Kalanchoes are about to burst into colour again, I think it is due to giving them the proper amount of light.

An update on the progress of the hyacinths….5

(This is my contribution to Cee’s Flower of the Day ; I Heart Macro ; Macro Monday, and Today’s Flowers.)6…..don’t you just love that dusty mix of purple and grey-green…..

…..they seem to be stemless, but at least that means they won’t be flopping all over the place. The scent in my sitting room first thing in the morning is delicious!

Do you know what this is?

I’m making this my houseplant of the week, but I don’t know its name. A friend gave me a little off-shoot about 6 months ago and it has multiplied and now looks as if it is about to flower – very exciting!

Do you have a houseplant looking at its best at the moment?

41 responses to “Vase on Monday: Honeysuckle?!

  1. I am in complete agreement that your mystery plant is a bromeliad. We sold them when I worked as a florist. I seem to remember we watered it sparingly and kept the center cup of the flower full of water also. Googling will give you all the info.

    We too have early bloomers here in Ireland. Strange but true!

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  2. Glad you are having nice weather. Your flowers are beautiful. Thank you for sharing with Today’s Flowers. I am so appreciative 🙂

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  3. I love the smell of honeysuckle – what a treat to have some in flower now! Your houseplants all look nice and healthy too. 🙂

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  5. Love the scent of Honeysuckle


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  6. The weather here says winter, but your photos show that spring is coming!

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  7. They’re early indeed but how nice to enjoy their colour and scent in January! Like the simplicity of your arrangement 🙂

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  8. Honeysuckle in January, crazy! love the cup it is in and the Hyacinths.

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  9. Oh well spotted Sandra! Is it an isolated bloom, or are there more coming? Such a stylish mug – sorry, vase 😉 – that they are in too. Your hyacinths must smell divine…mmm

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  10. Hyacinths are so pretty and fragrant!

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  11. Wow! I haven’t even seen any honeysuckle blooms here. Is the foliage of your unidentified houseplant stiff? The photo made me think of Billbergia nutans, which is a type of bromeliad. The flower bud looks similar to those I’ve seen on mine. You’re in for a surprise if that’s what it is – the open blooms are fantastic.

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  12. Love Honeysuckle… I have some pics of mine some place..

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  13. Such a fun series of photos. Wonderful 😀

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  14. Ah, to have green fingers! Your collection of plants looks lovely and honeysuckle too. Amazing!

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  15. Can’t believe it, honeysuckle? I am just staggered. Still waiting for the first snowdrop in my garden.

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  16. The Honeysuckle is a surprise. Nice touch to include it in a vase with the yellow handle.

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  17. I can believe you have honeysuckle….until it finally snowed here in January, we had honeysuckle still. That is a beautiful grouping of flowering plants you have there. In answer to your question, I’d say my Peace Lily is best and blooming right now.

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    • Thank you for your comment Donna. I saw some packets of Peace Lily in my local Garden Centre and am very tempted to give them a go. I will have to give some plants away to make room for them though – every available space is covered!


  18. Amazing to have climbing honeysuckle in flower, when I saw your title, I assumed it must be the shrub!

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