DSC_0056 (1)~

beauty in the old

memories of happy times

vintage style still fresh



memories refreshed

vintage style


Joining in with Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge:

Prompt words STYLE and FRESH


Our 52 Week Photo Challenge, prompt word this week: VINTAGE

This is a piece of fabric that my mother-in-law gave me when my son was born in 1976, it was an off-cut she had from when she made her own son’s  (my husband) cot mattress cover in 1946. She knew I was interested in textiles and thought I might want to make something with it – I did – and then it seemed too precious to cut into! DSC_0052 (1)

I think the time has come! This needs to be used and I’m thinking that I will make something for each of my grandchildren using a little piece of it. Hence my commitment in my post 16 for 16 to make 9 pieces of textile art – one for each of them and one for me to keep.

Next week’s photo prompt:


What photo conjures up ‘Winter’ for you

47 responses to “Vintage

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  6. Tada! Back on my usual end of week posting. So it goes!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Melissa

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    • Am I supposed to link this somewhere else? Still a bit uncertain about that!

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      • In the ‘rules’ we suggested entries are linked in in Cathy’s comments, but I think it doesn’t really matter whether it’s Cathy, Jane or me. I will pick up the links from each one when I do the round up anyway. I love doing the round-up. It does take time but it is great to see each person’s entry. How does Ron do over 60 of them though???????!!!
        So glad you were able to enter this week – it’s a great post and as ever got me thinking!


  7. Lovely fabric, a very nice post. The woolly hat in your other post is lovely too and just what I could do with right now, as we are expecting a blizzard this weekend and the snow has just started falling.

    To make it a little easier for friends who have participated in Today’s Flowers, I am adding a link when I pop in to comment.

    Happy weekend to you and thank you for participating in Today’s Flowers before.

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    • Thanks for dropping by Denise and thank you for your comment and the link – that’s really useful. I will usually link in on a Monday. All we have is rain here creating mud – I’d love a bit of snow! Hope your blizzard is of the pretty kind and not too disruptive. Keep those ears warm!


  8. Sorry am a bit late this week. Down in the dumps re my Mum.

    But onwards and upwards.

    That fabric is just so beautiful…x

    Mine is here –

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    • You are not late – anytime before 9am Sunday is fine. Sorry to hear you are feeling low, I looked to see if you mentioned your Mum on your blog, but did not find a reference – sorry if I have missed something. Hope things resolve themselves soon. You have some great pictures there for ‘Vintage’.

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      • There is a post earlier on. My Mum passed away in November, quite suddenly and I will forever hold myself responsible. I should have realised she was unwell. But a trooper to the end my Mum.

        Thank you. xxx


        • I’m so sorry to hear that your Mum passed away. Such a sad time – don’t be too hard on yourself, I’m sure she would not have wanted that. She sounds a strong woman, much loved. I’ve always found being creative has helped me through sad and difficult times, I hope it is the same for you. Big hug coming over!

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  9. I think I like the simplicity of the second haiku. It is perfectly pleasing to me, saying exactly the right thing about your lovely fabric. And a wonderful keepsake project(s) you have ahead of you.

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    • Thank you Melissa. I’m really enjoying honing the haiku down to the 3/5/3 – it makes them seem more haiku-y if you know what I mean. I’m thinking of doing a textile workshop so that there is a definite date in the diary to at least make a start on the 9 little projects.

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      • Oh wow, a textile workshop sounds so intriguing. You know I’d go if I were closer.I got an email yesterday from a California teacher asking to use my sewing machine worksheet as he was teaching a textile camp to students. Too bad we couldn’t both jet off to sunny Cali together!

        I did my haiku late last night, 3/5/3 also, inspired by having just seen yours. I have to review it in a state of more awakeness, which will have to wait until this eve when I return from work….busy week preparing for the Shauna Ball, perhaps you remember, I wrote about it a year ago? I never did ask that musician about his song not being downloadable anymore, oops! Have a fabtastic day my friend. I look forward to hearing more about your workshop. 🙂

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  10. Very Enid Blyton looking material. Wonderful haiku Sandra but how precise is that 3/5/3? You must feel refreshed from the experience of refining the lines down?

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    • Yes, you are right – Enid Blyton, so true. I just love playing with the two styles of haiku and seeing how the 3/5/3 distils the haiku into something interestingly and subtly different. ‘Refreshed’, yes, I think that is the feeling. Thank you so much again for introducing me to this form, it has added a lovely quality to playing with words in this way for me.
      And ….. I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that a writing friend of mine says she would like to come with me on a ‘Haiku walk’ ! OOOooooh! so exciting! We just have to find a date we can both make and we’re off!
      You are a STAR!!


  11. Sweet vintage fabric and I love the story behind it!

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  13. Yes, beautiful fabric – it will be good to do somethng very special with the fabric… You may not believe it – but I have finally made it albeit in a rather convoluted way! Thanks for hosting

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  15. Beautiful fabric! Can’t wait to see how it all comes together, and so glad you’re keeping a little bit for yourself. (But I completely understand why it’s been difficult to cut into!)

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  16. I’m so glad you are including one to keep. That is fantastic fabric.

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  17. Hi I have decided to try and join your 52 week photo challenge using my largely plant and garden based pictures. Today I have posted my Vintage picture.
    Thanks for hosting

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  18. Wow! Amazing that you have kept this memorable piece of fabric so long, I can’t wait to see what you make of it!💚💛💜❤️💙

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  19. Brilliant haiku Daffy, and I love the story of the fabric.:-)

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  20. I love your fabric so evocative of the time. Definitely time to make something with it. How much do you have?

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  21. Lovely haiku. What a darling piece of textile and how splendid you still have it. Beautiful idea to use it up.Thanks for sharing~cheers

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