DSC_0012 (1)

sing praises

give flowers and champagne

sweet success


I had the huge pleasure of celebrating my sister’s graduation last week – she has just got a degree in Homeopathy – her first degree at 60! showing her characteristic zest for life! Well done Sue!

Joining in with our 52 Week Photo Challenge


Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Challenge, prompt words SING and FLOWER

sing praises, give flowers and champagne

give flowers and champagne, sweet success


If you have a ‘Zest’ photo in your archives just add a link in the comments, we’d love to see it!

Have a week full of ZEST!


Next week’s Photo Prompt



34 responses to “Zest

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  2. Brilliant – well done to your sister!

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  3. Your sister is one happy graduate! As well she should be. And well done to you on the celebratory haiku.

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  4. You captured the joy in your sister’s eyes so perfectly. I love to hear stories about us older folks doing momentous things. Congratulations on her success. ❤

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  5. Great image Sandra, and wonderful to see your sister graduating at the young age of 60,one should never be too old to get a degree, my wife Jill was 61 when she graduated with her PHD.

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  6. Hi Sandra. here is my Zest image /combined haiku, I managed to put it all together again, cheers Denis. https://haikuhound.wordpress.com/2016/07/12/around-goes-the-sun/

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  7. Fantastic! Congratulations and well done to your sister, what a wonderful achievement, and what a lovely haiku tribute too Daffy! 🙂

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  8. Well done to your sister – she looks thrilled with her achievement and you have captured the moment perfectly

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  9. Congratulations! Lovely pic too 🙂

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  10. Great photograph. Well done to her and you!

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  11. Congratulations to her and thank you for celebrating her.

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  12. Her zest for life is great and she looks good on it! Good zest

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  13. Congratulations to your sister. She looks very happy.

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