Society 6 Free Shipping


There is 10% off and free shipping worldwide at the moment at Society 6

Also cushions, clocks, mugs and rugs.

I’d love to know if any of you do buy anything as I have never been sent any commission, so I assume no-one has bought anything – or – can I trust Society6 to pass the commission to me. I am very pleased with the products I have bought, and I have never had to pay any duty on them.

Have a look around the site – there really are some great things to be had from a huge variety of artists.



2 responses to “Society 6 Free Shipping

  1. The bags are all so unique and lovely but I’m unsure of your connection to this site. I like how it pays commission to artists…did you design the prints on the bags and they have them manufactured?

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    • I seemed to miss replying to this comment Melissa – sorry! You guessed right – I send them my photos and they manufacture the goods. I get 14% of sales.
      The photos are of flowers in my garden or sewing and crochet I have done.


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