monsters creep
deep from our psyche
hearts racing


Ronovan’s prompts: Creep and Race

Photo Challenge Prompt: Monster

Pictures drawn on the ferry ride back from Brownsea Island last week. All drawn by Little Miss M, aged 4, apart from the one top left, by Master R aged 7.

To join in with the Photo Challenge or the Phaiku Challenge which combines the two challenges, please leave a link in the comments.

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15 responses to “Monster

  1. A fantastic response Sandra, and no you didn’t miss me I could not find an image or think of one to take , you stumped me. I’m off to New Zealand for a couple of weeks so don’t worry if you don’t get challenges or comments till the start of December I’m going device/computer free..

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    • I’m glad I didn’t miss you Denis. Have a wonderful time in New Zealand – how sensible to be unplugging from the internet for a while. My son taught sport in a school in New Zealand as part of his Gap year back in the 90s. He loved New Zealand – but not teaching – he eventually decided to follow the family tradition and be a farmer.


  2. How intriguing to see Miss M and Master R’s concepts of monsters – I wonder what yours would look like…?

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  3. I truly love this. It’s layered if you read it through a few times.

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  5. I loved the haiku and the drawings are a perfect accompaniment. 😀

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  6. Great haiku and I love those drawings too 🙂

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  7. Well they are pretty scary if you ask me.

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