plain grey pelican

diving into the shallows

small fry for breakfast

A joy whilst on Nevis was to watch the pelicans diving near the shore on my early  morning shell hunts

Joining in with Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Challenge, prompts PLAIN and FAST


combining it with our One-a-Week Photo prompt for this week of BIRD.

Cathy and I compiled the list for the year, just for fun. Join in as and when you like using new or archive blog posts. We love to see your take on the subjects – always a fascinating variety. Leave a link in the comments to be included in the Round-up.


29 responses to “Bird

  1. What a beautiful collection of birds! 😊

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  3. Loved your pictures and your haiku is lovely too. 🙂

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  4. I love the sight of pelicans (and cranes)! I understand the American white pelicans are making a come-back close by in the Minnesota lakes country. Gorgeous photos, and your haiku is lovely. Thanks!

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  5. Amazing photographs! I used to be a professional photographer so I can appreciate the time it would have taken to get these – well worth it:)

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    • Wow! You were a professional photographer! Wow! You are SO very talented Sheila in so many ways – hats off!!!! Thank you for your lovely comment. As you can imagine I took absolutely loads of shots – it’s all in the editing isn’t it. 😉


  6. What amazing captures! I just love them- all of them!

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  7. Wow,I love that pelican you made from the shells. It caputres the dive perfectly! 🙂

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  8. thatphotogirlblog

    Great photos! I would like to participate in the Photo Challenge so here is the link to my blog entry:

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  9. A wonderful series, love how you can even see his eye in one of the photos, and the the detail on the feather, all with some great scenery. I can see I’ll learn a bunch just from studying everyone else’s photos.
    Here is a li to my BIRD

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  10. Isn’t it amazing that they don’t hurt themselves when they hit the water like that?? Great photos!

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  11. Wow- Fantastic photos of this beautiful bird… 🙂 🙂

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  12. An amazing sequence of images Sandra and I love the Pelican haiku.
    Here is a link to my BIRD

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  13. I love these photos, especially the silhouettes, gorgeous x

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  14. I love this sequence of pictures, beautifully captured. Giving Denis a run for his money with these!

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