One-a-Week Photo Challenge: Cross


the stars in my world

creativity blooming

with needle and thread


Three generations of cross stitch.

The blue and yellow Binca pieces on the top were made by my children (now 35 and 41) at school. The white Binca is being decorated by Little Miss M (4) and Master R (7), he has made the first arm of the cross stitches, but got frustrated when he came to the corner, his mathematical Virgoan brain could not get it to be precise enough, so we had to take a break. I hope we can return to it next weekend. Shall I undo the corner bit? …… Hmmmm these moral connumdrums we Grannies face.

You can see my cross stitches on the fabric collage underneath, the start of another textile experiment.

Linking with Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Challenge.

This week’s prompts: STAR and BLOOM


Cathy and I have put together a list of subjects for the whole year – jump in as and when you feel like it with current or archive photos, and leave a link in the comments to be included in the monthly Round Up.


25 responses to “One-a-Week Photo Challenge: Cross

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  2. Oh, how cool that you have all of these! Put them some place safe so that the generations to come can be thrilled by them, too!

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  3. A very creative joint response to both challenges Sandra.

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  4. What an absolute treasure, Daffy! πŸ™‚

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  5. What a sweet story! I love the stories as much as the photos! (Probably because my stories are better than my photo technique!)
    Here’s my link:

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  6. Oh how lovely. I have all my children’s stitching too. Mr J and Mr B were lucky enough to be taught by Judith the vicars wife, who not only dyed all her own yarn but was half of 20th Century Yarn, now called 21st Century Yarns. How lucky were they?

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  7. Three generations of loveliness.

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  8. Reminds me of what I dug out last year when the theme was stitch. Good to know that other people hang onto these things too!

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  9. Your photo has invoked such memories of similar school projects and cross stitch across generations. Thank you πŸ™‚

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