That moment when you are walking in a muddy lane and just have to stand still and look at the sunlight shining through the leaf stuck on the end of your stick.

Archive photo taken on our family holiday in February 2016. We hire a big house for my children and their families, for a week, every other year. It’s wonderful to see the little cousins all romping around together. This is Twiglet, one of the twins.

Joining Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge: PARTY and ENJOY

party of fifteen

gather biennially

enjoyed by us all


Join us in the One-a-Week Photo Challenge by leaving the link to you current or archive ‘LANE’ photo


34 responses to “Lane

  1. That looks like the kind of Lane which needs wellies! 😊

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  2. Such concentration! Love this sweet photo.

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  4. Great photo––so cute. Sounds like a great time. 🙂

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  5. What a goregous photo and i love that family tradition Daffy 🙂

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  6. What a sweet, sweet photo–so glad you captured it!

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  7. Brilliant! I love how children see the world in such a special way. 😊

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  8. Love this one, what a cutie!
    My link is not nearly as sweet, but it is a good memory from going to Girl#2’s graduation.

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  9. There is just so much to discover at that age – and every age beyond…

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  10. Laurie Graves

    Wonderful, wonderful! Such a sweet picture and sweet story.

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  11. Adorable! One of the little people taking time to notice the little things are what make the big memories.

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  12. There are indeed many moments, just like that, and we can enjoy them at any age. What a delight to see the young ones making that same discovery. Lovely photo.

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  13. What a charming photo and story.

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