Spiro Star and Sol crochet mandala centres


sharp eyes, sharp scissors

small hooks, smart patterns to please 

each round exciting


Joining two challenges together:

Our One-a-Week Photo Challenge


Ronaovan’s Haiku Challenge: PLEASURE and EXCITE


Inspired by some of the mini crocheted mandalas I’ve seen in online crochet groups I am trying my hand at making a couple whilst me hands and eyes can still cope!

The white one ‘Sol’  by Zoya Matyushenko on Ravelry, her designs are amazing! Each round is a little gem in itself. I’m making this in Cotton thread – Scheepjes BonBon, Bridal White, with a 1.25 mm hook, although if I did it again in this cotton I would choose a 1.5mm.

The turquoise one is Spiro Star by Helen Shrimpton which I am making with the same thread and a 2mm hook. My plan is to make a one colour Mandala Madness with Spiro Star at the centre.


Join Cathy and me in our weekly Photo Challenge by leavig a link to your ‘Sharp’ photo in the comments.



20 responses to “Sharp

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  3. I love the image and you nailed it with your double entry 🙂

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  4. A fantastic double response Sandra. I don’t know how you manage to fit them together so regularly.

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  5. Perfect, Daffy. I love the manadalas and the haiku, 🙂

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  6. Laurie Graves

    Kudos, kudos! How I admire nimble fingers that create such beautiful work.

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  7. Murtagh's Meadow

    Looks very pretty. Check out my sharp contribution at

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  9. I used to find that fine cotton was hard on my hands when I crocheted this kind of thing. Lookig pretty, but watch your self on the crochet hooks!

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    • It is the first time I have gone this fine – so far so good. The two steel hooks on the right belonged to my Grandmother and are titchy tiny – I don’t think I’ll be using them, but you never know – you are right they are sharp and could do a lot of damage if that was required !!

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  10. Beautiful image 😄

    Visit my blog too 😄

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