In a Watering Can on Monday

watering-can as vase

I was picking flowers in the garden when a neighbour stopped by for a chat, knowing I might be some time I popped the flowers in the watering can – boom! right there – perfect  for IAVOM!

They did make it into a vase as well. (but to me they look better in the can!)

ceramic vases and recycled teabags

The ceramic vases are the ones I bought at the Studio Pottery near Solva, Pembrokeshire, Wales. You can see these sculptural vases in detail in this post.

To cheer up a dark corner I added tea-light holders made of used tea bags.

re-purposed used teabags

My fascination with turning rubbish into art has taken me off at a teabag tangent.

I tear open used teabags, empty out the leaves and then dry them. They can then be used like paper, you can see a greetings card I made here.

For today – some papier-mâché tea-light holders.

teabag art

Add some pressed Japanese Maple leaves between the layers and hey presto a Teabag Tealight!

I think the spiky maple leaves look a bit witchy – do you? Good for Halloween?

Pop across to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden to see what gardeners all over the  world are putting in their vases this Monday.

62 responses to “In a Watering Can on Monday

  1. I shouldn’t have read this before bed. My mind is racing with possibilities for my fast growing, used teabag collection. Thank you for creative inspiration, Sandra.

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  2. Betty Hatfield

    I love, love, love this!!! You are incredibly creative.

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  3. Love the flowers in the watering can – and the tea lights!

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  4. Really good for hallowe’en
    So clever Sandra

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  5. Laurie Graves

    I concur with Eliza. Your creativity is nothing short of astonishing. So lovely!

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  6. Brilliant all round. Sometimes a quick arrangement is all that is needed, such as yours in the watering can. However they look fab indoors too and I love your teabag candle holders. Delicately pretty and atmospheric.

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  7. Yes, they do look good in your watering can! But your arrangement with the ‘tea’lights and soft lighting is lovely and cosy and autumny. Love the idea of using old teabags like that too!

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  8. Original as usual! Vase and lighting..but lovely flowers too.

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  9. Your trash to treasure creations are wonderful! As to this week’s watering can vase, I found myself sorely tempted to leave my flowers and foliage in the jam jars I used when collecting elements from my garden this week too.

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  10. Wow from a watering can to a stunning display!

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  11. Brilliant! Love the wood carving too.~cheers

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  12. I know there are all sorts of thngs you can do with tea bags (make tea?!) but these tea light holders with the maple leaves in bewteen are absolutely stunning and SO effective! I sometimes find that my Monday blooms stay in ther temporary receptacle but this is probably the first IAVOM in a watering can!

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  13. The old header, where are the flowers in the grass header? This does not look like Wild Daffodil . I am in mourning.

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  14. A lovely floral display perfect for Autumn, but where are the flowers in the grass?

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  15. Oh my goodness, that’s taking recycling to a whole new level! We use loose leaf tea – I wonder what you could make with that….?

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  16. Lovely creations!
    But those teabag candle holders beg the question, Will they burn?

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  17. I thought it was a Halloween display at first glance, be it a very posh and tasteful one. That’s a beautiful display and how resourceful.

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  18. I love the flowers in the watering can, they look so pretty.
    The first thing I thought of when I saw those light a not just how pretty they were but the shape and orange glow definitely said ‘Halloween!’ 🙂

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  19. Lovely mix of autumn flowers. Your tea light holders are very pretty. And made of TEA bags so appropriate! Shame i prefer loose tea 🙂

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  20. Murtagh's Meadow

    They do look halloweeny – and yes I agree the flowers look great in the watering can!

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  21. I think I agree with you, I love the flowers in the watering can! Your teabag creations had me smiling; I wonder what I could use all the plastic coffee holders for?!

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  22. There is no end to your wondrous creativity! I love these tea light holders, Sandra, they are brilliant (hehe!), esp. pressing leaves into them.
    When I first saw your watering can, I thought I’d be apt to do the same thing if I hadn’t brought a water container out to the garden with me.

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