More from Doreen’s Garden

When you enter Doreen’s world it is like entering wonderland, with a fabulous mixture of caring touches

Doreen's Garden

surreal sculpturesDoreen's Garden

(in March)


and a poignant little row of memoriesDSC_0341

The sculpture of the children climbing always draws my attention

I love the way the lichen decorates the surface (you might remember I’m a great fan of lichen)lichen on sculpture


It came as no great surprise to see a man who appeared to be walking on the roof thatched cottages

he was in fact working in the garden behind

(can you see that little white model of a dog’s bottom up in the air as if digging in the lawn)

and then to come across these shoes sunning themselves on a bench

Doreen's Garden

They belonged to Doreen’s very own Mr Mcgregor who was clipping the evergreens

Doreen's Garden

Doreen's Garden

The house looked like this in March

Doreen's Garden


and the garden


What a transformation takes place during the year

I discovered these two brief videos taken in August 2016.


I hope to return in April or May one year to see the flourish of Spring.

Maybe I’ll stay in her Garden studio – a link here to see more about it.

Now I’m off to be a ‘bit more Doreen’ and sort out the containers of bulbs in my garden.


17 responses to “More from Doreen’s Garden

  1. Thanks for sharing more photos – and especially the sculpture of the children

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  2. Looks like a lovely spot for a garden and a beautiful looking cottage.

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  3. And she has been blessed to live there 34 years!! I’m so envious! She has greatly added to the areas already stunning beauty.

    Just when I think I’ve imagined every landscape in England, I see this! And am in awe of our Creator! :o)

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  4. Absolutely breathtaking! A feast for the eyes! 🙂

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  5. Such an interesting place, I bet Doreen’s life is the same!

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  6. I’d stay there in a twink! What a wonder Doreen is!

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  7. The statue of the Komodo lizard (dinosaur?) was a surprise! I like the climbing child much better. And the little gravestones are such a poignant touch. A beautiful spot in so many ways.

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    • The garden is full of weird and wonderful structures and statues – none of which seem to relate to the other, they are just randomly dotted about – wonderfully bonkers!


  8. The climbing child sculpture is beautiful – I can see why you would be mesmerised by it. Doreen’s garden looks as if it is bigger than her actual plot and stretches down (or up) the road and even across the road. Is that so? It must be a fun place to visit. I see dogs are welcome so I could well bring Siddy when i come to stay 🙂 I almost got stuck into tidying up the winter mess from my tiny garden this afternoon but I got sidetracked by a visitor and so it is still waiting.

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    • Yes, her garden is over the narrow road from her cottage and takes up the gardens of two cottages, running down a steep slope to the stream at the bottom. Doreen has a little dog herself so Siddy would have a friend to play with!

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