Our last Photographic Monthly Meet Up of 2018!

Thank so much to everyone who has joined in – it has been FUN to see your entries and the stories that go with them.


I was thinking, I don’t have any glitz nowadays, but then I remembered the dressing up box where my old clothes now reside.

This is a party dress I had when I was 14 (1966/7!) with a reversble middle panel, Β the other side is black.


sadly the zips no longer work, but I loved that dress and have just not been able to throw it away……

then there is all my ancient festival gear


I do love these shawls, but what to do with them now?


And my son’s Christmas tree – I’m so glad to see the snowflakes I made for the boys last year, up there in the tree

tree decs

and a decoration that has been made by Little Bro out of the bottom of a plastic bottle


What glitz do you have in your life at this time of year?

Leave your link in the comments so we can come over and enjoy the glamour and the glitz.


Next month – in fact next year, each month for the whole of 2019 we have WINDOWS!


28 responses to “Glitz

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  2. Loving your blog so much! Your crochet and colour sense is spectacular! I hope I am done as many lovely things when I am 60 – what a life!

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  3. So enjoying your blog! Your crocheting and sense of colour is spectacular. I hope I will be doing things like what you do when I am 60 – what a life!


  4. That beaded fabric is beautiful. I have given most of my really old clothes away but I do still have a ‘nightdress’ made from a silk parachute that I have worn in a play to look grecian and I think on other similar occasions..

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  5. ooooh! So pretty!!
    I gave most of my saved treasures, including a pair of high waisted bell bottoms to my 15 year old Granddaughter. She wears the same size I wore back then so the clothes fit her well. She wore the jeans to death! I also gave her my Grandmother’s “jean” jacket. (actually a light weight denim jacket reminiscent of Rosie the Riviter style) My Grandmother is of course her Great Great Grandmother! And she treasures it! Some things I just eventually tossed. But it’s great fun to see my Granddaughter enjoying my old things! So many memories back to life in a new way!

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  6. I love that collection of scarves — very bohemian! I’ve had so much fun participating in this year’s challenge, and I look forward to 2019!

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  7. Wonderful, wonderful dress. Not much glitz in central Maine, but I will be on the lookout. πŸ˜‰

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  8. So glad someone else has hung onto their past dresses. I have a suitcase full!

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  9. You have your party dress still – Wow, now that is impressive!! I used to have a bundle of those filmy shawls too – they all went when I started moving around the world and was letting go of stuff left right and centre…… They are so pretty – what COULD you do with them? They should be on show somewhere! I have some pretty Christmas bling on my table right now but the weather is so poor I could’t get a decent shot if I tried. I did think of joining in momentarily though πŸ™‚

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  10. Lisa at Greenbow

    I knew under that calm exterior there was a glitzy lady. Fun.

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  11. Murtagh's Meadow

    Very impressed that you have kept that lovely dress. Still thinking of my Glitz.

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  12. Love that turquoise shawl, not surprised you’ve kept them all πŸ™‚ my glitz is on

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    • The turquoise shawl is draped over the banisters where it glistens in the sunlight from a nearby window, I love it but feel it could be put to better use.
      Thanks so much for your post – it is wonderful!!! and FULL of gorgeous glitz!


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