Egyptian Windows

Egypt, El Gouna

Ooof! Don’t you just love the terracotta against that amazing sky.

For my last post about my trip to Egypt, I bring you some Egyptian windows

window shutter

palm trees

In the background of the photo below you can see one of those abandoned building projects that punctuated street scenes everywhere we went


We went in search of an art gallery, but the only one we found was closed.



Egypt, hurghada

I was surprised to see so much English signage in Hurghada.


What windows you have found to share with us this month?

I’m looking forward to seeing them. Please leave a link in the Comments below.


16 responses to “Egyptian Windows

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  2. The different styles are all very interesting. Here’s my take on Windows:

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  4. So much vivid color in that first photo, just WOW! The windows in Egypt are as much for decoration as function. They are really nice to look at, not just look out!

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  5. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful pictures. Everyone of them is great!!!

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  6. That terracotta against the blue sky made my heart leap. Fantastic!

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  7. Thanks for sharing. When I went to Egypt I was mainly interested in the temples and tombs. I think that I did notice the unfinished building but not windows. It’s interesting isn’t it how different architecture is in different countries.

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  8. Wow! That first photo, the strong terracotta against the bright blue sky is utterly amazing and inspiring.

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  9. I especially loved the arched windows – the Byzantine influence I think. And the terracotta against the blue – and that swooping shape – is stunning. I’ve noticed the English language signage in the photos – quite amazing, and would certainly make touristing a little easier!

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    • Oh yes! I just looked at Byzantine architecture on Google images – thank you for making that link.
      Most Egyptians I met spoke quite a lot of English, and if they didn’t there was always their phone to translate – I love technology when it works!

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