Fernery Fountain and Camellias


The charming little fountain in the Fernery at Greenway House in Devon

and some more of the gorgeous camellias


I hope you are not getting bored with Greenway House – as you can tell – I’m besotted!

In this You Tube clip, Agatha Christie’s grandson talks about the time he spent there.

Here’s another view of the house and its position on the banks of the River Dart, click on the photos to see them full screen.


Along one of the high paths, a cute little cherry tree

so compact and absolutely covered with deep pink blossom

Joining Cee and her Flower of the Day

19 responses to “Fernery Fountain and Camellias

  1. Absolutely stunning. I love it, and all the flowers. Wonderful to look at, so peaceful. Thank you.

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  2. Not bored at all! Keep ’em coming.

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  3. Great time of the year for a visit obviously. What a great selection of camelias. I did wonder about growing one though I think it would be a bit big for my present garden. I think one of the problems the people have who live nearest to me is that apparently they don’t like early morning sun and the bush faces East so the flowers soon turn brown round the edges.

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  4. So lovely, thanks for sharing!

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  5. Am enjoying this tour no end, thank you!! I would be likewise tempted, and keen to visit the scenes remembered from that Poirot episode that was filmed there.

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  6. Deborah O'Brien

    I think I would really like to go here! You make it look so inviting, and trickling water fountains always make things even more relaxing!

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    • You can actually stay there Deb! It is hugely expensive, so I don’t know if I ever will do that, but a girl can dream. If I go again I will take some crochet, a sketch book and a picnic and stay all day, moving from well-placed bench to well-placed bench throughout the day ….. ah bliss!

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  7. That pink camellia IS beautiful! I’m glad you happened upon it at the right millisecond of its perfection 🙂

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