Welcome to the Monthly Meet-Up Photo Challenge, posted on the first Tuesday each month. The theme of  WINDOWS is running throughout the year.

To join in please leave a link to one of your posts which includes a photo of a window. The post can be current or archive – sometimes it is fun to look back through your photos and old posts and rediscover them.

Three from me today:

greenhouse shading

Greenhouse shading creating pattern and atmosphere at Kingston Lacy

A window lighting the stairwell at Greenway Housearched stairwell window at Greenway

And little Miss M painitng, looking out of my sitting room window a few weeks ago.

painting the view from the window


I’m excited to see the windows you are sharing with us this month!


26 responses to “Windows

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  4. The photo of your grand daughter painting, is so sweet!

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  5. Better late than never here is my link for this month
    My favourite is your granddaughter and the greenhouse.

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    • You can enter the Meet-Up anytime during the month, so never worry about being late – it is just lovely to see your photos.
      Thank you for letting me know your favourites, it is always good to know. 🙂

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  8. The artist at work! What a lovely scene. 🙂

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  9. All nice, but my favorite is the last one, too. Along with capturing the young artist at work, you also caught flashes of blue. Striking!

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  10. I like your grandaughter’s painting style – I expect it has a name but I can’t think of it at the moment 😊

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    • I had put the table there for her to have the best light. I gave her the 3 canvases but had laid them out in portrait format, all in a row, thinking she would make 3 different random pictures. She re-arranged them in the way you can see, one above the other and immediately started to mix colours to paint what she could see out of the window. The larger canvas to the left was her mixing and experimenting place. She is only 6. She seems to have an artist’s eye – I wonder if it will last.


  11. I agree, my favourite is your granddaughter painting your splendiforous tree. Followed by the the wonderful one at Greenway House. Here is my link for this month

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    • That poor old tree was a tangled, stunted lollipop, smothered in masses of untidy honeysuckle when I came to the house. I have gradually pruned it, thinned it and raised the crown so that it can breathe and grow tall and be beautiful, but it still shows the scars of years gone by – my metaphorical oak.
      Thank you for you link – you have found a great selection Cathy.


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  13. My favourite is your sitting room window! ❤

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