Welcome to our Photographic Monthly Meet Up when we share photos of windows old and new on the first Tuesday each month. Leave a link to a recent or archive post in the comments.

Cerne Abbas

The first is from the ruined remains of the Abbey at Cerne Abbas. You can read more about the history of the building here.


Another old lattice window, from inside a National Trust property, but I can’t remember which one.

For complete contrast I’m remembering my holiday in Nevis, the Caribbean in April 2017

carribean view

Oh Bliss!

I’m excited to see what windows you have found this month.


28 responses to “Windows

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  3. Here is my link to this months window collection
    I hope you enjoy.
    I love the contrast between the old and modern in your photos.

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  4. Is there anything better than old lattice windows? And the cranking mechanism that opens them? Beautiful photos! Here’s my effort for this month:

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  8. That abbey is sooo gorgeous!

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  9. WOW! just lovely!

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  10. Cerne Abbey looks beautiful, my photos include Rievaulx Abbey…

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  12. Cerna Abbas has an impressive window, but the one from your holiday is wonderful. Here is a link to my window

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  14. Wonderful extremes!

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  15. I thought I recognised the window in the first picture!

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