Thursday Walk

Same beach different sky.

I went back this morning to see if there were more purses to be found

Here is my morning’s haul

beach clean

Only 8 purses today.

I was so pleased I found a Cat Shark purse, as this is Little Miss M’s (aged 7) favourite.mermaids purse, cat shark, UK

And this is what happens when your granddaughter tells her Mum that she would ‘fill it with pearls if she found one’

mermaids purse



20 responses to “Thursday Walk

  1. Wow! What a haul!! And the cat shark purse is priceless. I told you you lived in a magical Kingdom! Pearls- just perfect! Your Granddaughter is brilliant!

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  2. What a collection and such creative response to the purse find

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  3. What a haul! Beautiful stitching.

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  4. Never has flotsam and jetsam been so attractive. Unpromising materials yield to the eye and hand of the artist!

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  5. Love the stitching and the found addition reminds me of a mermaids tail.

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  6. Going Batty in Wales

    I can’t resist picking up shells when I go to the beach. They go in my pocket and often stay there for ages. I went to a funeral recently on a very wet day and found shells in my raincoat pocket!

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  7. Wonderful. So much treasure, good and bad. Love that beautiful winter sunlight on the sea too. CJ xx

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  8. Wow love the stitching. And the beach comb looks very good indeed.

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