Wednesday Walk


Just look at those colours!

Walking along the Sea Wall this morning,

my intention was to power walk along for about a mile and back again, but when the spring tide has thrown up these beautiesUK beachcombing

of course it turned into the usual beachcombing walk

Drama in the skies –  just before I got very wet walking back to the carmorning walk November

Worth it though!

26 responses to “Wednesday Walk

  1. I love the video of the sea with the dark clouds in the background. Add a little thunder to the sound of the waves and it would be music to my ears. Thanks.

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    • Thank you for your comment as I got to look at the video again. Oh how I miss the sea. This is just a 12 minutes drive from my house – so near yet so far, it won’t be forever though, and in the meantime I can look at my videos.
      Oh yes – a rumble of thunder – that would have been just perfect!

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  2. Never seen those things you call mermaids purses. Are they a sort of seaweed or an animal?

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  3. Ooh, mermaid’s purses! I haven’t seen those since I left the UK. They are so quirky and uniquely shaped, like little aliens 🙂

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  4. Lovely video! Have always preferred winter for beach walks. 🥰

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  5. Showed Little Miss M the photo as she was sad to have missed seeing them. Her favourite is bottom row, second from the left. She said she would fill it with pearls if she found one.

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  6. Enchanting, did you check to see if there were any baby sharks in any of them, it does happen, before you boil them I mean.

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  7. Murtagh's Meadow

    Wow so many mermaids purses. And a lovely walk

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  8. Looks so much like Newgale, until you turned to show the road! Similar weather here today too. What a fine collection of natural treasures you found.

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    • I had never thought of it looking like Newgale, but I guess that is partly why my Welsh Grandad (from Camrose) settled here – there are some similarities. The tide does not go out like it does at Newgale.
      Have you seen the photos on FB today – so much flooding down there. I have never seen it that bad.


  9. Wondering what you are going to do with your finds. A super wet walk though.

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    • I’m wondering as well. I have washed them and will now dry them – they look quite good against the rust dyed calico, so maybe they can be incorporated into a bit of textile art.
      I’ve also contemplated putting something inside them – but first I’m going to show them to Big Bro and Little Bro who I am seeing tonight.

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  10. Oh, yes! Exhilarating, even from far away.

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