Textile Tuesday: July

couchingWe are edging towards the end of The Stitchbook Collective year, in August we will receive our last kit. Was there ever a better timed project! There are 150 of us in the Collective and it has been a wonderful creative community to be part of over the last few months.

Our June box was all about Laid Work and Couching, including how to couch lettering.

Of course I had to include a bit of rust dyed fabric – Rust Dyeing has been my favourite process of the whole course – I love the magic, alchemy and serendipity of it.

The Laid Work was a real challenge for me

stem stitch outline

I like to be messy and abstract and fairly free with my stitching

pineapple design

but Bayeux stitch is not any of those things – keeping within the lines is what is required, (and as I am writing this, I am already creating a design in my head of a messy, borderless piece, but still using some of the Bayeux stitch technique…. ooo .. but no … I have to finish writing this post first – ‘inspiration’, a blessing or the opposite?! sometimes both)

embroidery, Bayeux stitch

I searched online for an Art Deco pineapple design (you might already know how much I like pineapples, here is just one post about them, but there are loads more and if you want to see them, just type Pineapple into the Search Box top right) and created the above from a wallpaper pattern.

After all that control, my inner rebel needed to get messy again so time to experiment with some eco-dyeing


An old calico curtain pickled with mould spots has found it’s time to shine. Soaked in soya milk, and then wrapped round a rusty nail, encasing leaves soaked in rusty water.

steam dyeing

In they all go to be steamed

I like the look of the bundles as much as I like the dyed fabric. There is something intriguing about the mystery they hold. (Argghhh! another idea …. project of bundles as the art work themselves, on a theme, so wrapping pertinent pieces of memorabilia in a bundle and then working on the outside to hint at what it holds ……. noooo … get back to writing this post!)

To speed up the process of drying, I sat them on a wheat-filled heat pad that is heated in the microwave

drying bundles

But even that wasn’t quick enough for me, so I later put them under the grill on a very low heat.

I also tried printing the leaves onto paper


I was a bit disappointed with the results at first, but there are definitely marks to work with …. I wonder where inspiration will take me.

Although there is a tinge of sadness that The Stitchbook Collective is coming to a close, there is also celebration as our books are going to be exhibited at the Kniiting and Stitching Show in Harrogate in November.

Even better news! Anyone who would like to be part of the next Stitchbook Collective can be. Helen is running another one next year – I can highly recommend it! Suitable for beginners and experienced stitchers alike. You can subscribe for a whole year or buy the individual kits.

Must go, I have messy Bayeux stitch to figure out and a few bundles to make.


If you would like to share any textile related posts in July, just pop a link in the comments below, current or archive, anything textile related, ย are all welcome.



26 responses to “Textile Tuesday: July

  1. Finally got my post up & here’s the short link: https://wp.me/p2ynvT-2WE
    Love your work on this, and wish I had time and outdoor “supplies” as you have to use. It’s all so interesting and you combine things so organically!

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  3. We have a weird thing about pineapples here, and a few around the place, all down to an incident in the boardroom back in the โ€˜90โ€™s. ๐Ÿ˜‚
    I love eco dying but havenโ€™t done any in a while, still using up the last lot TBH. Loving your little mummies of delight.

    Liked by 1 person

    • My daughter and her best friend are also gripped by pineapple mania!
      Hmm, intriguing, I’m wondering what that boardroom saw in the 90s.
      ‘little mummies of delight’ – love that – I shall think of them as that from now on. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I always enjoy reading about your creative thoughts and processes, Sandra. The pineapple is a wonderful rendition of this technique, and your experimentation with Eco dying is always Interesting to behold. Your creative mojo is definitely back!

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  5. Going Batty in Wales

    I love reading your blog (and others) for the way it sparks ideas of things I would love to try. I have never done couching or laid work so there is another one to explore. At the same time I am trying to slow down, be more reflective and start some long term projects. It is all very confusing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It warms my heart to know you enjoying reading Wild Daffodil and that it sparks ideas – the blogging community is a wonderful place for sharing skills, ideas and support – enriching all round. And yes – I am with you – very confusing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  6. Beautiful work!


  7. Fascinating, all of it and it’s great that the projects have set your imagination off on new tangents too for future fun and games with textiles.

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  8. Beautiful textures, so inspiring, as always!

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  9. Those bundles look like little doll mummies; I keep expecting to see a bit of gold leaf or a scarab or wax seal tied in with all the string!

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  10. Murtagh's Meadow

    Fabulously creative as always

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  11. Ooh I do like your pineapple, I’m just about to start this box and I didn’t fancy a medieval tree! Your couching is lovely too. I’m still 2 or 3 boxes behind, but I’m really enjoying the whole thing.

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    • A tree didn’t appeal to me either. It took me a while to think about what shape I would enjoy making.
      So glad you are enjoying the kit. I have loved doing them, and especially being able to share the experience with fellow bloggers.


  12. love your pineapple!

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  13. Keep on stitching and bundling! Your results are subtle but appealing.

    Liked by 1 person

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