Textile Tuesday: September

Good Morning! A brand new month and moving into Autumn. I am looking forward to more stitching time, but for now the garden still occupies much of my creative time.

However, the Wild Twinchies are returning home! Which is very exciting.

wild twinchies, collaborative textile art

These are the two little gems arrived from Dawn, so beautifully wrapped in a tiny box, it felt like opening a lovely present

and when I put them with the others ideas started to form about how I might work with them

Thank you so much Dawn,  Cathy, Amanda and Rainbow J for your beautiful pieces of textile art – all gorgeous, all fabulous little gifts arriving in the post.

Just over half are here, I’m excited to see what comes next.


There was a piece on Woman’s Hour last week about a collaborative Quilt project organised by Sue Brown and Louise Asher called Same Sea, Different Boat.

It seems that many of us had a similar idea at the same time  – Hundredth Monkey Effect and/or Zeitgeist!

There is also the Quarantine Quilt on Instagram


If you have any textile news or views to share – pop a link in the Comments.


❤  Happy Stitching!  ❤


23 responses to “Textile Tuesday: September

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  2. Just realised I’ve written about operatic poster art, a.k.a., my Puccini skirt here: https://wp.me/p2ynvT-2X3
    Might be appropriate for your Textile Tuesday, even though it’s now Friday. 😘

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  3. now comes the real creative time, when they are all back, and it’s time to consider “what/how/where” but not necessarily “why”

    when I saw the “coins” I was thinking a swirly sort of waist scarf that belly dancers wear… (not truly sure that’s a accessory)…

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  4. Look great as a group. Awww, my little postcard 😊 From my Owl & Pussycat piece. 😁

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  5. These are beauties, WOW!

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  6. Going Batty in Wales

    Those twinchies are beautiful and so creative! You will have great fun making something with them.

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  7. How gorgeous. Very similar peacock colours to the colour palette I chose for my F2F quilt this year – really beautiful.

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  8. Looking good! Look forward to seeing them all together.

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  9. Fun is right! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. And, as I mentioned in a previous post, I do love the name “Wild Twinchies.”

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  10. They look so good! Interested to see how they all come together 😊

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  11. Just as well I missed the boat, for my Twinchies would not have come close. They’re super, and you’ll have lots of fun and hard decisions as you play with them.

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    • I can’t believe that Deb, I know you would have created a beauty too – I think the size helps with inspiration as 2″ sqaure is not too daunting. And it is only a bit of fun. I am hoping that the pieces sing to me and tell me where to take them once they are all together. 🙂

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  12. They look very good altogether.

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