Imagine my delight when I went for a walk at Overcombe beach yesterday morning and saw PINK seaweed!

It was such a beautiful morning and there were quite a few people swimming

with the backdrop of huge cruise ships sitting in the bay. There have been up to 10 at a time out there as they sit out the pandemic in the shelter of Weymouth Bay

They are quite a sight – some are enormous!

But I was far more interested in the seaweed and just looking at the pebbles 

and other finds

meet Rocky (found on different day)

and this is when Rocky met Bob, who lives at my daughter’s house

and this is me (on the left) and my sister on Newgale beach in Pembrokeshire, circa1962.

Who had one of those bathing suits? And why on earth did we have to wear those horrid hats in the sea!

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  1. Love those pebbles!! And yes, we had costumes like that too but I don’t recall wearing swimming hats

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  2. I wonder if you soak the seaweed in glycerine it will preserve better. Some of the cruisers are already at the scrap yard I believe. Can’t say I’ve ever wanted to be on one of them, well not ones with more than 100 people on any way. I can remember having lunch at John Lewis at West Quay and they had 7 in. They were enormous! Just too many people in too small a space! 😖

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    • I totally agree with you about cruisers – I would hate it. I did go on a cruise down the Nile on a small river cruiser and that was lovely, but I would not go on one of those big ones – I saw the Poseidon Adventure! Arrgghhh!
      I was wondering what to try to preserve the seaweed – must get some glycerine and try it – thank you for the suggestion.

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  3. Rocky and Bob made me smile.

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  4. I understand the cruise ships are actually a tourist attraction in some parts of the world…it makes you realise there were a “lot” cruising before they lost that trade.

    the pink seaweed looks interesting, at first glance if you hadn’t said what it was – I would have thought some type of washed up fishing net…

    Rocky and his friend look happy away from their pals at the beach…

    Where I grew up there was only rivers or the school swimming pool as I lived in the Central NI aka King Country. But now I’m real close to any beach with 2 harbours within cooee of here. Actually anyone in NZ can have a day at the beach real easy!

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    • I wonder how many cruise ships there are hunkered down in quiet bays. Life aboard must be quite strange – no doubt films will be made and books will be written.
      I love the sound of living where you do.
      New Zealand is on my list!

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  5. Elizabeth Archer

    I love the pink sea weed! Wow! And the ships, I had no idea! How sad to just sit. Love your swim suit. We only had to wear the swim caps to swim in a pool- they said it was because of chlorine. I hated that! Our state (Minnesota) is called the land of 10,000 lakes (we really have 11,842 but who’s counting/bragging :o) – but we city kids learned to swim in pools! After lessons we were deemed safe to swim in the lakes! But my scandinavian Grandma was thrown off a dock into Lake Superior to learn to swim, by her father. Lake Superior is like an ocean :o) to us! (I have only seen the Atlantic Ocean) Its too chilly to swim here right now!
    boy word press is being odd about letting me comment?? (Eliz~)

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    • Lovely to hear from you Eliz, I was only thinking about you yesterday, wondering how you are. I have never had a swimming lesson – we did not live near a pool. I taught myself to swim by riding the waves – I am a hopeless swimmer!!!
      Minnesota sounds so beautiful – with a beautiful name as well.
      Wordpress is being a pain in all respects! but all the blogging sites seem to have their glitches don’t they.


  6. I had one of those bubble swimsuits. Was able to wear the same one from age 2 to 6 I think. It grew a bit like the original baby-gros used to.

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  7. I’m carefully ignoring the swimsuit issue, instead I shall focus on pink seaweed and interesting facts about it: (

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  8. Pink seaweed? Holy cats! And who the heck is going on a cruise right now? Really like Rocky. Finally, cute as a button, even with the cap.

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    • You are right, no one is going on a cruise so the ships have to find somewhere to sit it out. Weymouth bay is relatively sheltered and they don’t have to pay to be there so they sit there with a skeleton staff on board. They all light up at night, apparently because they have to keep the whole thing working – they go on little journeys up and down the south coast and then come back. A constant source of entertainment. Lots of tourists come to see them. I imagine it will be at least another year when a vaccine is available worldwide before they will be able to operate again. You can sometimes see helicopters flying between them and they dock in Portland harbour sometimes too. The local Facebook page often has photos and stories about them.

      As for the pink seaweed! Yes! I collected some of course – you will be seeing more of it in a future post! 🙂

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  9. I think I once had a suit with a skirt, but I don’t remember, not much swimming in my world, we played with the cows instead.😉 I had no idea that there was pink seaweed; your Rockheads have the best expressions, made me giggle. I feel a poem coming on, can’t wait to read it!

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    • HaHa! Yes – I wondered if Judy Martin might feel inspired to compose a poem, but right now she is in her first year as a newly qualified nurse in the NHS, so I think she might have other things on her mind. ❤

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  10. Oh I love the pic with Rocky!

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  11. I remember a stretchy swimsuit too!!

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  12. It was to keep our hair dry! And yes I did have a similar swinsuit! Maybe we should have Swimsuit Saturday next week in which we all share pictures of us in our old bathers!
    When we went to Lyme Regis last year we went into an art gallery where an artist was exhibiting her pictures of seaweed- I could only afford a postcard with a print of pink seaweed- packed away in the move somewhere!

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  13. They really hurt to get on and off!

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  14. And why did the boys not have to wear them? Maybe our Mums didn’t want us to have salty, seaweedy, sandy hair.

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