The First Bluebell

Yesterday I went on a lovely walk with my daughter’s mother-in-law. There really ought to be a name for our relationship. There was a nip in the wind but the sun shone and created the most glorious colours in the sea.

The sun filtered by the clouds gave us purples and blues

shimmering steely glints

and glorious aqua greens.

We walked from Osmington Mills to Ringstead and came across this cottage that under normal circumstances would be buzzing with people. I took the number, because I might like to stay there one day – just a 5 minute walk to the sea.

Walking up through a sheltered wooded valley, we saw our first bluebell in flower. Crumbs! that’s early!

and then this stange plant which turned out to be a Japanese Butterbur or Sweet Coltsfoot.

Next time we go there for a walk, we hope the cafe near the beach will be open and we will stop for a coffee.

Fingers crossed.



27 responses to “The First Bluebell

  1. What a lovely walk, and gosh! A bluebell in flower?

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  2. Looks like perfect walking weather and so peaceful. Are peoploe still staying inside a lot?

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    • We are not staying inside but we are staying local. I have taken that to mean a 5 mile radius from my house, although the Government website does not give a distance. I live in the country, it might be different in towns and cities.

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      • We had a 5 kilometre zone and had to use back streets to get to places a little further. We also had a 9.00 pm to 5 00 am curfew, that made evening dog toilet walks challenging . I hope you all get through this current situation in the UK soon. Australians are so lucky with our location and seem to quickly knock each small outbreak (always from international quarantine ) very quickly.

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        • Australia has done a good job with containing the spread of the virus.
          Not so here – many different opinions about why that is, but at least the UK seem to be getting the vaccine roll-out right.
          The children have gone back to school and there has been an upturn in numbers of cases, so many of us are still being very cautious about travel and contacts.


  3. The colors in those pictures! The sea certainly does change moods quickly! We have signs of spring here, so welcome after the past two years of having blizzards into May!

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  4. Going Batty in Wales

    A walk by the sea is on my list now we are opening up here. My bluebells are coming up but not even buds on them yet so that one is very early. There are primroses out and those feel early too.

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  5. On the other side of the world, it’s time for Autumn – but to date, not seen much evidence of the “leaves a’falling” – love your walk, the coast line looked moody but promising.

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  6. Oh wow I love that you have a great relationship and yes there needs to be a name 🤔❤️

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  7. Fingers crossed. Your bluebells are further on than ours in Lancashire. We have masses of leaves though.

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  8. Wowsah, what colors in the sky and ocean. Magnificent! Yes, there should be a name for that relationship.

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    • Mother-in-law etc – all those terms seem ridiculous and inappropriate – the ‘in-law’ bit is weird. We could be Grannies-in-Common, but it doesn’t sound very nice and also if our children didn’t have children it wouldn’t work. Language!

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  9. Ooh, I’m so excited. Apparently we have a nascent patch of bluebells in our garden and, just as exciting, foxgloves. we had neither of these in France (too hot and dry I think) and I missed them.
    How lovely it will be to stop for coffee and cake somewhere again.

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  10. How about SMILEs? Sister-Mothers-in-Law-Extraordinaire? Spring is coming up there, for sure!

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  11. Glorious colours of sky, sea, and land indeed. That bluebell is early, but then I have seen pictures of cowslips on blogs too.

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