A few Blissful Days by the Sea.

Spending time by the ocean restores my spirits like nothing else can.

I went to Newquay with two friends – we have holidayed together before many times, so we know it works. This was a special birthday treat for one of us, spent in a very special place.

The video was taken on our balcony and the round room at the end was our sitting room with 360 degree views – it was spectacular.

We walked, we ate delicious meals, we did a mind-scrambling jigsaw together, we danced to 60s and 70s tunes, we read, we watched the surfers and the golfers below, we relaxed, we laughed and breathed in all that ozone.

lunch at Lewinnick

I hope you too can soak up some holiday vibes from the photos – put on a bit of Elvis, the Stones, the Beatles and the Proclaimers and you will be right there with us!

Would you like to live here?

look at the salt water swimming pool

On the walk home: a bench with lichen and rusty bits!

on the beach we found thousands of these magical remains of By-the-Wind-Sailors

a type of jellyfish, but so much more than that

we watched the stormsand drank coffee in the cosy Seaspray Beach Cafe

and every day a rainbow!

it was magic!


32 responses to “A few Blissful Days by the Sea.

  1. What a glorious break you had, Sandra!

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow

    A wonderful day at the sea

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  3. Going Batty in Wales

    I am envious! I love the sea. My dream home would be a small old cottage tucked into a valley with a path to my own cove and no other house in sight. Shame there is no way I can afford it! However your lovely photos will do for this morning.

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  4. I live on the other side of the pond. I love the beach and sea too. We visit the New Jersey shore towns between Atlantic City and Cape May. There is something so restorative to the spirit when I walk the boardwalks and sand of these beautiful places. One day I would love to travel to this part of England. Lovely post.

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  5. So happy for you! The photos are so beautiful, thank you for sharing!

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  6. Yes, I could truly live there – and thanks for the sharing your blissful days with your friends…

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  7. I’m lucky enough to have the beach in easy reach, 20 minutes away. The Cornish coast is special, though. I used to spend a fair bit of time in Perranporth when I was a student, I had a Cornish boyfriend. You have to pick your time of year, though. In January the lazy wind is a killer!

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    • Perranporth is not very far from Newquay is it. Yes, the weather can be fierce down there and there is not much tree cover to break the wind. Gorgeous light on that North side – the low sun shining into the waves at this time of year really brought out the colour changes as weather fronts skimmed past us.

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  8. Looks wonderful and sounds as if you had a brilliant time. Some ‘Instagram worthy’ photos there too.

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  9. Sounds really wonderful. Wish I was there.

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  10. heavenly spot. Thanks for sharing the photos, and I’m so pleased you enjoyed it.

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  11. How wonderful!
    I can hear the gulls & the ocean . . .

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  12. Magic is right! The sea is beautiful, but in your video I was struck by the mountains of clouds.

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  13. Sounds posively idyllic. I would love to swim in that pool.

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  14. Nothing like sea air and skies to do a soul good! Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜ƒ

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