Melissa of The Aran Artisan has joined a weekly challenge , suggested by Jamie at Blue Daisy.                                                                                                                           I am tempted to join in  …..   however – I know that the rebel in me will buck and kick against HAVING to do something every week  ……. so in order to join in, I’m going to allow that little rebel, which now seems to have taken on the persona of a pony, to dip in and out as the mood takes her – naughty!! She’ll like that!

The photo above is of my son-in-law’s latest amazing building project that he has been creating for the last 2 years. It has not always been easy! With a project this size it was bound to have its challenges. Today was the first day for the cows to check out their NEW home, and they seem to like it very much!                               A proud moment!                                                                                                             The creative link for me is that I have been making a video diary of the whole process which has been fascinating! I come from a farming family and used to milk cows with my husband when I was 19, we milked about 100 cows in an old style, single row, Abreast Milking Parlour.                                                                 The cows you see above are part of a herd of 400, they sleep on water mattresses and will choose when they go to be milked – by robots! That’s progress.

Melissa suggests a Haiku a week to accompany the picture, (but not necessarily directly relating to it) – I love this idea too and like the idea of the two going together…….

Surveying the view                                                                                               Munching sweet steaming silage                                                                                  The cows settle in


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  5. Glad you decided to join the photo challenge! Building looks nice and shiny and new! 🙂

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