In a log on Monday


In my last IaVoM post I used some logs as candlesticks, Cathy suggested that they could also be used as vases – Great idea!

Tiny daffs, vinca, muscari, box and ivy all in a small plastic bottle tucked into the hole in the log.


And the Amalanchier picked a couple of a weeks ago is beginning to flower, in the vase, but not outside yet.

This buddha sits in a quiet corner with all sorts of little fairies etc that the children have nestled round him and like to play with – I often overhear the fairies and animals having imaginary conversations with the buddha.

(My camera seems to be playing up so the picture is a bit blurred – first the laptop, now the camera ….. eeurgh! )

Pop over to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden to see her delightful vase and all the other fascinating Vases from so many different countries.

26 responses to “In a log on Monday

  1. Beautiful. 🌷 Love the log vase.

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  2. Lovely! I really must try and find a log the right shape…

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  3. Using a log for a vase is so rustic-looking, and complements flowers so well, Sandra.

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  4. The log makes a great vase and it’s a wonderfully appropriate vessel for those early spring blooms!

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  5. Sweet! Happy Easter to you Sandra

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  6. I had never considered making a vase out of a log…this is a great one as I love the shape of it…wonderful vase!

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  7. I like the arrangement with the Buddha., the log seems very happy there.

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  8. Versatile idea. Pretty spring flowers.

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  9. Hurrah – well done! And did you realise how much it looked like a hand? It has worked really well 🙂 ps I like the tiniest fairies

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  10. Very meditative images Sandra

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