Arranging things


I could happily spend days arranging things.

All collected on Sunday on the Thames foreshore. We were told that the green glazed pottery was likely to be Medieval.



Rust, teeth, pottery, bones


41 responses to “Arranging things

  1. What amazing things to find. How exciting to be able to work with shards of medieval pottery.

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  3. Wow! What amazing beach finds! And in the middle of London too. Must add this to my to-do-list. I’ve walked past that beach but never thought to ‘beachcomb’ there… 🙂

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  4. Seemingly simple yet layered, really. The arrangement, colors, patterns, and texture is complex and beautiful. ❤

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  5. I love all these arrangements. They are so cool and interesting. My son and I would love to play with stuff like this. How would you display something like this?

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  6. I can see why this project has so absorbed you, Sandra 😀

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  7. Murtagh's Meadow

    Wow! Love the sea horses:-)

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  8. There are so many wonderful things you have there, Daffy. I love the seahorses you made at the top, too 🙂

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  9. Laurie Graves

    As my Yankee husband would say, pretty darned good!

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  10. These are wonderful–what a quirky creative eye you have! Do you affix the bits permanently and display these or just play with the pieces and move on?

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  11. I can see an art exhibit in your future……

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    • Mystic Melissa! Yes you are right – Dorset Arts Weeks 2018. Miss E and I will be exhibiting our Beach Clean Art. It is turning into a wonderful project. I’m just back from 2hrs Beach Cleaning on Ringstead Beach with Miss E, Master R and Little Miss M – they have all caught the bug! Proudly showing their Mum all the treasure/rubbish they collected.

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      • Oh Wow! You and Miss E will be the stars of the show. Surely there won’t be anything like what you’re doing there. Why not 2017?

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        • Dorset Arts Weeks is an Open Studio event of hundreds of artists all over Dorset and it only happens every other year. Miss E and I went to see a few exhibitions this year and she asked if she could exhibit next time, of course I said ‘YES!!’ and thought maybe it would be best if I did it with her. I hope to get some artwork from each of my grandchildren in there too – all beach/sea themed.


  12. Beautifully arranged. Seems you’re riding a seahorse wave at the moment!

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  13. Beautiful creations!

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  14. Love it. Especially the lighter in the second seahorse. Ingenious.

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  15. Gosh! That is quite a haul. We once bought a second hand Land Rover that had a Mud Larks logo painted on the side. Must have belonged to a club at one time.
    The sea glass lends itself wonderfully well to the delicate nature of seahorses.

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    • An amazing amount collected in just 1hr 45mins, I will be going again. It was surprisingly easy to create a seahorse shape out of the glass, with a clay pipe stem for the snout. The trick will be to fix them well enough and still look good – not so easy!


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