caught my eye

in the fading light

treasure found


Our ‘One-a-Week’ Photo Challenge Prompt this week is FENCE

Ronovan’s Haiku Prompts are EYE and FADE

The mitten on the post must have been there a while as it was green with algae. Since starting to do beach cleans, I see all litter and dropped items in a new light. They are all potential art materials with a human back story. It did feel slightly weird taking it from it’s post, but I am pretty certain it’s owner is not likely to return for it. It will go with other found clothing I have and see what art work it might inspire.

The top of the fence post is a little world of its own


The photos were taken on a walk from Nine Wells towards Solva (Pembrokeshire) along the coastal path.dscf0156


I was walking from the treehouseย as the sun was going down.



There was no wind and I stood to watch the sunset before returning




to the cosiness of my nest in the trees.

What fences have you found this week? ย Leave a link in the comments below, we’d love to see them.


52 responses to “Fence

  1. What beautiful photos Sandra! I love imagining the story behind the list mitten and the top of the fence post is great!

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  4. So this makes twice I referred to the same permaculture quote this week! https://thearanartisan.com/2017/02/20/taming-our-wild-side/ Happy Monday!!

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  5. The sea shots are so extremely beautiful…Those are uncommonly exquisite photosโ€“I cherish the two of the post and its setting..

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  6. Beautiful. One of my most favourite places in Wales. Thank you for such beautiful images. And the top of the fence is so sexy!!


  7. The top of the fence post so interesting isn’t it? I’m short on choice here as stone walls are the fence of choice, you know what I mean. I’m thinking I may have to drive around in search of an electric fence keeping cows contained somewhere, but even those are scarce. Haven’t given up hope yet!!


  8. Hi Sandra here is the link to mine, can you spot the connection to your fence? https://haikuhound.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/wasting-away/

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  9. Love the top of that fence post! So glad you were observant, and cared to share.

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  10. Love the haiku, and the way you always manage to find somethin useful for your creations, Daffy! Gorgeous photos too ๐Ÿ™‚

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  11. Beautiful images Sandra. I will dig an old post for this week and present a co-incidence

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  12. Magical. Thank you!

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  13. Loved your post, Sandra. To take a photo of the top of the fence post was genius. Such beautiful scenery. โค

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  14. You have such an eye for detail, Sandra – most people would miss things like these

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  15. Laurie Graves

    The ocean shots are so very beautiful. It will be most interesting to see how you use the fraying mitten in an art project.

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  16. Those are exceptionally lovely photos–I love the two of the post and its setting.

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  17. Oh that first photo of the fence, leading the eye off into the distance to the treasures in the following photos. I love it.

    A much sturdier fence than my effort! https://iambranchingout.wordpress.com/2017/02/14/weekly-photo-fence

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  18. Murtagh's Meadow

    Great fence – I have similar one from the west coast here – and lovely scenery too.

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  19. Perhaps I could join in with a reprise of a post I wrote when this was the theme for a Monochrome Madness month. https://rainbowjunkiecorner.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/fences/


    • Thanks Cathy. I’ve SO enjoyed basking in the sunshine of your post/fence.
      The mitten can still be worn and very nice it is too – I will end up with a staggering outfit from my litter-picking finds!


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