Crochet Squirrel Motif

As the Woodland Blanket is being made for Little Bro aged 5, I wondered if he would like a few leaves and squirrels.

crochet squirrel motif

He would!

and so it seems would some of you!

I was pleasantly taken aback by the squirrel-love that poured in when I posted a picture on Facebook and Instagram, with lots of people asking for the pattern.

Oh my goodness – creating a squirrel is relatively quick and easy compared with creating a pattern for others to follow.

These mischievous little creatures have led me a merry dance, but at last I have arrived at a pattern.

This patten has not been tested so please feel free to contact me with any questions.

squirrel motif, free pattern

Pattern for the Squirrel Motif

Stylecraft Double DK

4.5mm hook

US crochet terms. I am left-handed so the photos will show work from a LH perspective, but the pattern should work just fine for right-handers. Working with the right hand the squirrels will face the other way.

Starting with the back leg

Make a magic loop, Ch1, 8sc into the loop, pull loop together, sl into the 1st ch. to join.                                                  8 sts

2nd Round

Ch1, 2sc into each st, sl into the first ch. to join.                                          16 sts

3rd Round

Ch1, 2sc, 2sc into next st,

(back foot) ch4,crochet tutorial

sc into 3rd and 4th st from the hook, sc into same st as the 2scs

free pattern, tutorial

sc into the next tutorial, free pattern

2sc into each of the next 3sts, sc, 2sc into next st, 2hd into next st, 2dcs into next st, 2 tr into next st.

(neck) Ch4 crochet tutorial, squirrel motif

work 4dc into the 4th ch from the hook photo tutorial, squirrel motif

sl into same st of Round 2, 2sl, sl to join.crochet squirrel motif tutorial


4th Round

Sl into next 3sts. sl into next 2 loops (back foot) photo tutorial, squirrel motif

2sl into next st, which takes you round the end of the ‘foot’,

Sl into next 9sts, 4sc,crochet squirrel motif

(tail) 4sc into back loops (if you can find another loop lower down, at the back of the work, to work into as well this stabilises the back loop stitches), 2hd into back loops, ch7,squirrel motif

3hd in 3rd ch from hook,

2dc, 2tr, dtr (yarn 3 times round the hook)  in next ch,

miss 1ch,crochet squirrel motif

2dtr, tr in next ch

2tr, dc, in next ch, sl into next st of Round 3squirrel motif tutorial, free pattern

2sl, Work 5 sc in the gaps between the next sts. (also covering the thread at the base)crochet tutorial

free pattern, squirrel motif

At last it begins to look like a Squirrel

(head) ch3, sl in 3rd ch from hook,

sl into one of the ch3 (into, not over), sl into first dc of the neck,

Working into the gap between: 4sc, hd, sc.squirrel motif, free pattern

2sl, hd.crochet squirrel motif, free pattern

(front foot)

2sl, ch2, sl in 2nd from the hook, sl into the body at base of front foot . Cut yarn and pull through to the front, then take the end to the back (leave a long tail of thread if you will be sewing this on as applique), or sew in the ends.

Pin to shape and block.

How did you get on? I’d love to know. 🙂



47 responses to “Crochet Squirrel Motif

  1. Ooh, these look cute – my eldest is a squirrel lover and I have lots of odd bits of Stylecraft DK hanging about as I have made (am making!) two blankets using it. I look forward to rustling up a squirrel or two when I fancy a change from the current project. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

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  4. Of all the wonderful things of yours I’ve seen, I think these are my favourite. Very cute, and nicely done!

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  5. Good to see you generating so much enthusiasm, Sandra – you must be chuffed!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What little boy wouldn’t want squirrels?! Congrats on the pattern. A great accomplishment that’s not as easy, or fun, to write as often is to create.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Cute squirrels! Pattern might not take as long as the sea-horses eh?

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  8. So cute! Will have to give them a try – thanks so much for including the pattern!

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  9. You really are a closer clogs – these are so cute!

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  10. I’ve never followed a pattern without a photo tutorial before, and I’ve never used US crochet terms before, not to mention that I had to Google some of the stitches – but I’ve managed to produce something that looks like a squirrel!

    I think I put a couple of stitches in the wrong places, but that’ll be my lack of experience.

    So, thank you for the pattern!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Can’t tell you how thrilled I am to know you had the patience and tenacity to get to the end of the pattern, despite all of the circumstances that could have put you off! Thanks so much for letting me know Gayle! It means a lot. ❤


  11. Loads of love for the squirrels and yes they are pesky I have one who has moved into my barn owl box!!!

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  12. Loved them when I saw them over on Attic 24 and still love them today!

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  13. Oh,oh,oh, ♥️♥️♥️they are adorable, maybe even better than the real thing!!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Golly, it looks SO much like a squirrel! I don’t know why I’m surprised:)

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  15. I’m not surprised they got so much love, they’re adorable!

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  16. Adorable!!!!

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