Silent Snowy Sunday

freezing rain on wire

22 responses to “Silent Snowy Sunday

  1. That is an exceedingly great photo! But I hope the ice has melted by now!

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  2. Laurie Graves

    As a Mainer, I can say with some authority that freezing rain is the worst. Give me a foot of light fluffy snow any day.

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    • I thought of you Laurie as our roads were ground to a standstill and all the schools were closed – we are just not equipped to deal with it like you Mainers are. It certainly was icy, I’ve never seen freezing rain before – spectacular! I wish I’d been able to take more photos but it was lethal and exhausting walking around out there even with snow grips on my boots. I do have some more pics to share though.

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  3. You had freezing rain, too? Pretty, but lethal on our decking!

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  4. You still had quite a bit this morning then!

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    Great shot – I have one like it but with a lot less ice! Hope you didn’t get too much snow:)

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  6. Stay safe. It’s melting here at last.

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