Monthly Meet-Up: Scale

pebbles, BranscombeHere we are again. Helloooooo! How has your photographic month been? I’ve had a great time in the recent snow and ice, in the delightful village of Branscombe, Devon. I stayed in a little self-catering flat, called Nestlecombe, in the Square that I have no hesitation in recommending.

In the bitter cold wind I went down to the beach to see if I could get some inspiration for our subject this month. I do love to see stone-balancing, and you can see some beautiful examples if you look at the Genteel Giant’s photographs on Instagram. My sisters met him on Newgale beach when we were staying there in January, I was back at the holiday let crocheting at the time, so didn’t get to see him, but love his work.

It was far too windy to try stone balancing but I played around with scale a bit.

pebbles, Branscombe beach

The sea was scarily fierce and with the tide coming in, it nearly caught me out whilst I was picking up the plastics on the strand line (hence the poem)

I tried in vain to catch the power and the scale – the pictures look tame in comparison with the experience.


We are such tiny creatures who do well to respect nature’s power



high tide

strong winds

fierce waves


death is only a trip away

Branscombe in March18



Please leave a link to your photos of SCALE in the comments below. Can’t wait to see them!

You can see the whole year of subjects on my Photo Challenge Page.

Next month’s subject is





34 responses to “Monthly Meet-Up: Scale

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  3. Ooh that looked a bit cold! I love the verse – trip at your peril! Here’s my link –

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  4. What a lovely post..great pictures of the sea and balancing stones…

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  5. Great pics!

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  6. Your holiday accommodation looks lovely. I know what you mean about not capturing the power and scale of the waves, it is a so difficult to do! Sarah x

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    • Thank you Sarah. It really was a lovely place to stay. I will definitely go back.
      I took so many photos, but none of them realy got there – think I need a more powerful zoom.


  7. Had me fooled – I thought they were much larger than that! The ocean is a powerful force indeed, and took my brother a few years ago 😦

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  8. Murtagh's Meadow

    Great photos, particularly like the last one

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  9. Laurie Graves

    Powerful ocean, powerful poem. “death is only a trip away.”

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  10. That last photo is especially lovely. It really brings out the grandeur of the ocean!

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  11. Lisa at Greenbow

    That last photo is awesome. The water, cliffs, and for scale the tiny person.

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