Hairy Fairy

knitted fairy

In Nanacathy’s Knit and Natter on Friday she told us about a book that had grabbed her attention ‘Knitted Fairies’ by Fiona McDonald – I have this book and have made a Hairy Fairy. Cathy said she would like to see her – so here she is.

I made just one Fairy – but I was not pleased with the floppy limbs – they need pipe cleaners in themhairy fairy

and I couldn’t get the face to work

sad fairy

she looks a little sad, or bored, or fed up!

She probably needs a friend.

I haven’t tried any of the great characters from the other book yet,  but one of the jackets inspired my Fairy Jacket patternfairy pattern for sale

which you can find in my Etsy shop

Have you made any fairies, wizards or pirates? If so, I’d love to see them – it might spur me on to give my Hairy Fairy a playmate.



29 responses to “Hairy Fairy

  1. Love her pippi long stocking looks

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  2. I LOVE her! She absolutely needs a companion … or two, or three — or a whole fairyland of friends! (At our cottage, the fairies, gnomes and pixies have a habit of reproducing at an alarming rate. It’s really rather embarrassing, actually.)

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  3. I like her very much 😊❤🌼

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  4. Well yes actually, I have made this very jacket myself!!! I like your take on the Hairy Fairy and sometimes its nice that it turns out slightly differently to the one in the book

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    Wow i love the hair!!

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  6. I see the lack of eyelash yarn has not deterred you. Maybe I follow patterns too rigidly. I like her face better than the ones in the book. They rather put me off as they look so evil.

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    • We seem to approach things very differently RJ – I nearly always adapt patterns – seeing them as an inspirational springboard to creating something. I like your methodical approach to things though – it feels safe and relaxing.
      I completely agree with you about the faces in the book – I was trying to make a less scary face.

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  7. I think Hairy Fairy is miffed, because she is having a bad hair day!😆

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  8. Laurie Graves

    Oh, my gosh! I am smitten by this hairy fairy. Wonderful!

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  9. oooh she’s really funky!

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  10. How could she be sad, with such great hair?!

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  11. She is cute, and a friend would be just right to. 🙂 Have fun and keep making them.

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  12. She certainly needs a friend and a new name! She is very pretty.

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  13. I’m glad it was that kind of hairy fairy – I rather feared it might be the other kind….. I do like her hair!

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