In a Jug on Monday

That is my son-in-law ploughing the field for the maize to go in – at last we have a stretch of good growing weather ahead of metal jug

Sweet Cicely and Red Campion, both from my garden, sit in an orange metal jug that has ‘Made in Yuogoslavia’ on its base. My Mum used to have a stall in Wimborne market buying and selling all sorts of bits and pieces – I think she probably bought more than she sold! But she used to find us all some wonderfully fun and quirky gifts – this jug was one of them.

I use Sweet Cicely stalks to sweeten rhubarb, I never use sugar nowadays, I might pop in a few raisins or dates to add a bit of sweetness too.

My epiphyllum is throwing its own party in my sitting room – it is GORGEOUS at the moment! I feel proud of myself to have managed to get it to flower so well!epiphyllumcactus flower

pink and orange

The pelargonium has been flowering for over a year now, and the marigolds sit in a Victorian glass ink pot, I found in a hedge in the 1970s.

marigolds in ink pot

Pop along to Cathy’s place for a flower feast in her In a Vase on Monday meme, where a happy band of gardeners from all over the world chat about all things horticultural.

Also joining Cee’s Flower of the Day.


41 responses to “In a Jug on Monday

  1. Such wonderful, vibrant colours — so cheerful! That epiphyllum is amazing!

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  2. What a lovely spring combination with your cheerful red vase and marigold ink pot… your houseplant is enviable too! We have got campions flowering here as well. I often notice that wild flowers seem to cope with odd weather so much better than cultivated ones – the cool UK start to spring and our extremely warm one have not affected their flowering time much at all.

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  3. A lovely spring vase of wildflowers and your marigolds look sweet in that inkpot.

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  4. Gorgeous photo and jug. It looks like everything is blooming for you and hooray for the good weather.

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    Lovely. My red campion is flowering too i often wonder why it is called red when it is so obviously pink!!

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  6. That little ink pot was quite the find! Love the quirky cheerful jug and the flowers.

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  7. Love the pinks and oranges together – it’s like a sunrise sky!

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  8. I am SO impressed with your Epiphyllum. I bought a cutting years ago and it’s done nothing (beyond creating a few new leaves). It clearly needs something it’s not getting. How do you care for yours?

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    • I was given mine years and years ago and it sat sulking doing very little until I did some research.
      So now I water it sparingly each week (usually with rain water) with some tomato feed added. Then in the winter I leave it about 6-8 weeks without any water at all, as soon as the days are longer I give it one really good watering and then continue to water it sparingly each week again. Never let it sit in water.
      I started this new regime 3 years ago and each year there have been more growth and more flowers.
      Good luck!!


  9. Oh so very beautiful. 😀

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  10. Your jug of flowers looks great outside and fabulous added to the floral fiesta on your mantle. May these many beautiful blooms bring you much joy!

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    • Fabulous floral fiesta – love it – you certainly have a way with words Peter – thank you! I’m going to try and leave a comment on your blog if I can but I haven’t had much luck recently.


  11. Such a cheerful jug! Just perfect for a spring bouquet.

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  12. The epiphyllum is truly beautiful and that color is amazing.

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  13. What a gorgeous jug of flowers and I had never heard about Sweet Cicely to sweeten things….I will have to check it out! Every flower you highlighted is stunning!

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  14. I had a bowl in exactly this colour and pattern – don’t know happened to it! I am very fond of red campion which we also have in our garden – but have just discovered how many seeds it produces and will need to deadhead them in future to prevent further eruptions! I am intrigued by the sweet cicely – it really is sweet enough for rhubarb? Your epiphyllum is gorgeous, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing everything

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  15. The orange vase looks lovely under the blue sky. The epiphyllum is luscious.

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  16. Such pretty flowers! I rarely bring flowers indoors as they last so much longer in the garden but I might pick a stem or two of the lily of the valley.

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  17. Lovely jug and lovely flowers. I am rather fond of jugs. My bluebells are in a nice green glass vase gifted to me by my Stepmother.

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