Silly Saturday with Birdy

pebbles, playing with pebbles

Birdy had such a handsome face

In flight he was elegance and grace

As he rested on the beach

He heard a loud screech

Sid Seagull flicked sand in his face.


Sid was loud and uncouth

And strutted with the arrogance of youth

Swinging his hips

And gorging on chips

He teased Birdy for being long in the tooth!


Birdy challenged Sid to a race

The seagull laughed in his face

With my youth and my size

Iโ€™ll easily take first prize

But his boasting was sadly misplaced!


As Birdy flew high in the sky

Sid regretted pecking that meat pie

With all the chips and the bread

He felt as heavy as lead

He couldnโ€™t leave the ground if he tried!


Birdy was not one to boast

He won doing what he loved most

Flying along with the breeze

Above the crystal blue seas

He loved his life on the coast.


Poem by Judy E. Martin


Birdy McBirdface hopped in for a brief bit of silliness ……..

Judy’s poem resonates with me as we have a real problem with gulls swooping down to scoff any food you might have about your person and pestering you if you sit on the harbour wall with a juicy handful of fish and chips.

Happy Saturday!



26 responses to “Silly Saturday with Birdy

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  2. Brought a smile to my face…lovely

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  3. Very creative!

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    Very impressive, both birdie and poem

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  5. I never realized they were so bold!! We have many Eagles here in our woods in Minnesota. They are very shy/elusive. But I’ve seen in Alaska they are quite aggressive towards people around the Fish Cannery!! That would frighten me!
    The stones are beautiful! And the poem is fun!

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  6. Loved the stone painting !

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  7. Birdy is looking good, Daffy and he certainly taught that Sid a thing or two!! xx

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  8. Made me smile. Yes seagulls can be quite frightening with their sharp curved beaks.

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  9. Wonderful collage Sandra – and of course Judy’s poem fits it brilliantly!

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