Randy’s Silly Saturday, Oh Deer!

Reindeer humour

Randy was now in disgrace

At Christmas he got ‘off his face’

Whilst pulling Santa’s sleigh

He went the wrong way

He was lurching all over the place


He’d been partaking of too many beers

Which isn’t good for reindeers

Turning up for work plastered

Could only lead to disaster

As it affected the way that he steers


He is hoping to go back to work

He promised that he will no longer shirk

With his lopsided antler

He can expect plenty of banter

As he looks a bit of a berk!


photo by Sandra Dorey

poem by Judy E. Martin



In August I found this forlorn looking reindeer leaning outside a house in a neighbouring village. I sent the photo to Judy and hey presto – she’s done it again.

Stocking filler anyone? Here is a link to Judy’s book ‘Rhymes of the Times’.

Hope you have a touch of Silliness in your Saturday.


21 responses to “Randy’s Silly Saturday, Oh Deer!

  1. Very silly indeed! 🙂

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow

    Brilliant as always

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  3. Yep, I’d say he is till on the booze – Santa beware! Excellent stuff Daffy and Judy ❤

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  5. His face says it all!

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  6. Looks like he might have had a pee up that hydrant(?) too.

    Thank you – and Judy – for some Saturday silliness.

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  7. It’s good to see poor old Randy again Daffy. Bless him, he does look a bit wonky after hitting the booze! 🙂 x

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