Whimsical Collage: 2

Back in November I went to a fabulous 4 day Mixed Media Collage Workshop led by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Nathalie Kalbach. See my first blog post about it here.

It was such fun getting messy and creating colourful papers in readiness for our first 6 collages. We used pages from old books we had been supplied with – books that would otherwise have gone to landfill. The print adds a layer of texture and interest.mixed media collage workshop

And the books themselves make perfect little sketchbooks to carry around for those odd doodling momentscreating collage papers

Julie and Nathalie have a great way of introducing the theory of colour and composition in fun bite-sized exercises. Julie BalzerIn this one we were mixing tones of one colour using black and whitemixing tones, acrylic paints

no paint was wasted, we cleaned our brushes on more paperusing old maps for collage

collage paperand then experimented with stamps, building up layers of marks, pattern and colour – my memory is a of a frenzy of fun and activity as we all dashed off all these wonderfully inspiring pieces without really thinking

stamping, acrylic

In this way we gradually built up supplies and confidence, moving towards creating pieces we were pleased with.six 6 x 6 collages, mixed media

The background of this one is the newspaper I was using to protect the cloth beneath. I think at this stage it reminds me of textiles …. still more to do in those blue squares, but I’m not sure what yet……

newspaper as art paper

I wondered about adding a little knot of silk remnant

mixed media, sari silk

and maybe some stitching …… hmmm …. not there yet.

Julie’s first Blog post about the workshop  explains the format of Day One and Two.

There is a picture of me (the 8th one in) in pink Tshirt, working away, ( and a couple more later on) plus loads of pictures of fellow students and their work. This blog post alone is inspiring enough to keep me busy for weeks as I remember all I learnt and discovered.

And then we were ready to work towards some finished pieces.

Next up –  working in a series: six collages on 6″ x 6″ card


Julie’s second Blog Post: Whimisical Collage in the UK Part Two shows lots of these from the group. You might be able to spot mine in amongst them.

mixed media

The best part – building the layers with stamps and oil pastel lines and scribbles

The next part is wondering if they are finished or not

mixed media collage

The 4 on the left have a story attached to them, but that is for another day ……

Joining in with Kate and her Scrap Happy January band of happy scrappers.





20 responses to “Whimsical Collage: 2

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  2. This looks like endless amounts of fun and play! And I really like many of the pieces you ended up with!

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  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Always feel that art is your first love.

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    Really looks like a lot of creative fun!

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  5. Oh dear – I just fell down the rabbit hole of Balzer Designs…….. I took a few online classes with her many years ago when I was first getting into mm and then went on to other things and now I’M BACK 🙂 It looks like so much fun and she is a good teacher and I am in need of some new directions/inspirations and you have guided me into just the right place. Thank you for sharing your fun experience Sandra – you look fabulous in pink by the way 🙂 On-line isn’t as wonderful as being in the round with real people, but better than nothing! Whoot-whoot!! ❤

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    • How exciting – I have never taken one of Julie’s online classes but I expect they are full of her energy, enthusiasm and generosity of inspiration and technique.
      Which class did you go for?
      I look forward to hearing more about it and maybe seeing some results on your blog. 🙂


  6. I love your series of mini collages at the end particularly

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  7. Love that newspaper one with the blue squares, it’d make a gorgeous textile print

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  8. Lovely arty scrappiness. PS folks they are even better in real life.

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  9. This is just amazing to look at; it would overwhelm me, but I love looking at it!

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