Here we are again at the first Tuesday of the month and time to share our WINDOW photos.

We had snow here, in the South of England, last Friday and this was the view from my bedroom windowsnowy view

It is really difficult to adequately describe the joy of sitting in my cosy bed, crocheting rainbows for my granddaughter (Big Sis, aged 8 – yes she chose the Rainbow Amanzi) with Radio 4 playing The Book of the Week: Silence

I still get a warm fuzzy glow remembering the sheer pleasure, delight and gratitude for all that has brought me to this place of peace and joy.

Life has had it’s tumultuous ups and downs and in the darkest times I used to dream of a scene like this, a feeling like this. Dreams really do come true, feels good to acknowledge that and know that if things go wambly again in the future, I can always look back to this for comfort and to realign those dreams.


I’m really looking forward to seeing the WINDOWS you have captured with your camera this month and perhaps the thoughts or stories that go with them.

Just leave a link in the Comments below.

A window on your world – or keeping the curtains cosily drawn; one photo, a group of photos, current or archive – all are welcome!


If you would also like to join in with Jenn’s Photo Challenge : Comfortable and Cozy, pop on over to Travelling at Wit’s End.



29 responses to “Windows

  1. Glad you were able to enjoy the snow from a warm and cozy spot! Here is my entry:

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  3. great window view!

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  4. Thanks for submitting to my Comfortable & Cozy challenge – Here’s one from me for windows.

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    What a lovely view you have from your window.

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  6. Your photo has captured the sense of contentment you describe in words. Holding those visions in our heads is so important isn’t it – and just as important is to note when those visions become our reality. I’m really happy for your snowy day, cosy room, beautiful view and inner peace. Thank you for sharing this little bit of you xoxo

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  7. What a lovely snowy scene and such peace-filled thoughts you enjoyed whilst working on that delightful rainbow of colour. Thank you so much for sharing! 😘

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  8. Such a lovely, lovely post. How nice you are exactly where you want to be. And as far as I’m concerned, cozy is best.

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  9. I think you described the joy very well. Cosy contentment is often underrated.

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  10. Your window view sort of sums up why I quite like winter! We never appreciate our cozy, pleasant nests more than on a wintry day.

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