Sunday Calm



doodle and relax

sunday calm



10 responses to “Sunday Calm

  1. Almost like creating a meditative Mandala Sandra

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  2. I call repetative action “mindless activity”. My mind can be quiet and wander off, my hand/arm keeps busy! I’m painting garage doors green and Lodge doors yellow! Its mindless/freeing activity! With results I love!
    Yes its me again after a bit of life pulling me too many directions at once! :o)
    I’ve recently been fascinated with this author-
    TangleEasy books- and Zen? Tangle. I like using the templates to create my own doodling. So much fun!

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  3. That is a very big doodle. Looks great.

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  4. Phew! Looks complicated.

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  5. I found that very relaxing just to watch ❤

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