It is the first Tuesday of the month, time to share some photographs of WINDOWS, our theme for the whole of 2019.

I have to admit it crept up on me this month, as the last few weeks have been busy with grandchildren on their summer holidays – I’m one very happy but very tired Granny!

So I have been dreaming of holidays – and thinking of windows seen on holidays in the past – this one with shutters in a little beach shop on Nevis in the Caribbean in May 2017

carribean beach shop

Love those colours together.

In contrast, this one seen on a walk to Pickering from Whistle Stop Cottage last Novembercobwebs and ivy

A trip to London and the view from a window high up in the Tate Modern, looking out over the Thames.Looking out at the Thames from the Tate Modern

and a bizarre shop window in Tokyo from November 2015

Tokyo shop window

Do you have any window photos to share this month.

All are welcome whether they are current or archive posts – sometimes it is fun to revisit blog posts from a few years ago. To join in you can put a link in the comments of this post anytime until the next month begins on the first Tuesday in October.



28 responses to “Windows

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  3. Lovely! I especially like the old one in the second photo, which I’m sure is no surprise to you. Such character! Here are mine:

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  6. Of course I like the Pickering one best! Here is mine for the month.

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    • Yes! of course. 😉
      Thanks for your entry Cathy – what a magnificent lot of windows you have for us this month.
      A Doom window – ha! very appropriate for our current political state of affairs!


  7. The first one is my favourite – the whole thing is just fabulous ❤

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  9. Murtagh's Meadow

    Oh my that Pickering window has seen a lot. What a story it could tell. I may have one for you this time:)

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  10. That window from Pickering is my favorite, it has so much character.

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  11. Wonderful windows from all over! As we age, youthful energy might seem, ahem, more energetic than we remember when we were parents. 😉

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  12. What a variety of windows and great memories I’m sure.

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  13. Going Batty in Wales

    I too have just said goodbye to grandchildren – the 3 my son and his wife foster aged 7 to 9. 3 days and I could sleep for a week! I didn’t even have to cope on my own as my son and grandson (19) were here too!

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    • I can relate to that – I think it is as much the shift from doing just as I want to, to having to cater (in all senses) for the needs of others that wears me out nowadays. Although of course we wouldn’t have it any other way would we – nice to have the balance. Makes me look forward to Autumn. 🙂


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