Pastel Mandala Madness

Work-in-Progress Wednesday

Spiro star centre for Mandala MadnessIt is WIP-busting time here. This project has been lying patiently in the pile since August 2017. It was originally started as one of a pair for my twin Grandaughters, but I decided that it would be more practical to make their blankets in SSDK  so this project was put away….. until now.

Here is a link to my Photo tutorial for the Spiro Star Centre. and how it connects to the Mandala Madness pattern

Both patterns are by Helen Shrimpton, and she kindly gave me permission to share how I joined the two together. There are superb video tutorials by Esther from Its All in a Nutshell for the rest of the Mandala Madness pattern.

Made with Scheepjes Stonewashed, 78% Cotton, 22% Acrylic, Sport/Baby weight and a 3.5mm hook. The colours are wonderfully subtle shades, easy to blend for an ombre effect, but have not come completely true in the photo. Go to the Scheepjes link to see truer colours.

The Colours I have used are (in order of use): Moon Stone as the main colour, Rose Quartz, Citrine, New Jade, Larimar, Amazonite, Axinite, Pink Quartzite, Green Agate, Crystal Quartz.Scheepjes Stonewashed yarn

Colour order Round by Round as follows:

Round 1: Moon Stone

Round 2, 3 : Rose Quartz

Round 4, 5: Moon Stone

Rounds 6,7,8,9: Citrine

Rounds 10, 11: Moon Stone

Joining Round 1: Pink Quartzite

Joining Round 2: Moonstone

Joining Round 3, 4, 5: New Jade

Joining Round 6: Larimar

Spiro Star centre to MM

Now you go to

Round 20 in Part 2 of the Mandala Madness pattern: Larimar

Round 21: Larimar

Round 21: Larimar

Round 22, 23: Moon Stone

Part 3

Round 24: Amazonite

Round 25 and 26: Amazonite and Citrine

Round 27, 28: Amazonite

Round 29:Rose Quartz

Part 4

Round 30: Axinite

Round 31: Pink Quartzite

Round 32, 33, 34: Moon Stone

spiro star into Mandala Madness

Part 5

Round 35, 36: New Jade

Round 37, 38: Green Agate

Round 39: Larimar

Round 40: Crystal Quartz

Part 6

Round 41, 42: Moon Stone


This completes the colour order as shown in the top picture.

The lack of stretch in the cotton yarn takes a bit of getting used to but I love the colours and the feel of the piece – strokeable – verrrrrry strokeable.  🙂



27 responses to “Pastel Mandala Madness

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  2. It’s an opal mandala! Like colours 😍😍

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  3. Very buddhist Sandra.

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  4. Oh I’m glad you took this back out! I love these colors and this mandela!

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  5. It’s so pretty!

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  6. Delicate and lovely!

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  7. oh my! what a lovely soft palette of colours for this new crochet project!

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  8. This would look amazing, just framed as is.

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  9. It is a beautiful colour palette – quieter than usual 🙂 I love a good cotton!

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  10. Lovely! I really like Sheepjes stonewashed yarn. I made the first of my stripey blankets in it and love the muted colours and the soft touch. Maybe that’s why I just ordered a new CAL kit for a sampler type blanket using it 🙄 Oops!

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  11. Pretty colours, and well done on fishing it out to work on.

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  12. Very pretty! Are you making the full blanket?

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  13. It’s an opal mandala! Lovely colours… like delicious ice cream flavours.

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