November Windows

Time to share the windows we have found to photograph …

This month I have been noticing Shop Windows – this one in my little rural local town

cake shop, meringues

Who would buy those lurid meringues? Would you?

And yum-yum ….. A Splat Cake! ??????

Oh dear.

In contrast how about the window of The Grand, Piccadilly, London.

The Grand, Piccadilly

(click on the photos to see them full screen)

and this shop at the entrance of the Burlington ArcadeLaduree, shop window

Laduree, which apparently invented the recipe for Macarons.

In contrast again the shops in Bethnal Green Road are a little more earthy

The Green Factory

like The Green Factory,

then turn a corner into Brick Lane and all manner of amazing street art assaults the senses

graffitti, street art

This is the side window of a leather goods shop.

I look forward to seeing what windows you have found in your part of the world – archive or current, all welcome. Just leave a link in the Comments.


Next Year

I have really enjoyed having one subject to focus on this year, it has made me look at the world from a slightly different perspective, I do hope you have enjoyed it as well.

So, what about next year …. thank you to everyone who has offered suggestions, all wonderful ideas, …… one of my great loves is Textiles and this has gone up a gear since being part of the Stitchbook Collective.

Next year Wild Daffodil’s photographic monthly sharing of photos will turn into

Textile Tuesdays

Still on the first Tuesday of each month, it will be wonderful to see what Textiles you find to photograph.

Whether the textiles are in your own home, something you are working on, or have seen when you are out and about, I’m really quite excited to see what turns up on

Textile Tuesdays 2020


41 responses to “November Windows

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  5. I am very excited about Textile Tuesdays!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. An amazing collection Sandra. My vote is on The Grand.

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  7. I’ve really enjoyed the Windows theme, seeing what you and Cathy came up with! But I am SO freaking excited about Textile Tuesdays! Count me in!

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  8. The Green Factory would most definitely be one of my favourite places. I can see myself popping in regularly, even if just to browse and see what is new.
    Not to mention the painted wall of the leather shop, I love that.
    Great photos.

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  9. What a fun grouping! What is a splat cake??

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  10. Great windows with such a wild assortment! I do like a good coconut macaroon, as they are over here… which might not remotely resemble Blighty’s. 🤣 Textile Tuesday in 2020 sounds a wonderful choice!

    Here’s my submission this month:

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    • Thank you so much for your link Del – love the arch shapes especially.
      I don’t like cakes much so I’m no expert on macaroons. And just as an aside – having spent most of my 20s baking, making at least 2 cakes a week for years, I haven’t actually baked a cake now for 25 years – I don’t know why but it thrills me to tell you that!
      I’m also absolutely delighted that you approve of Textile Tuesdays! 🙂

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  12. Murtagh's Meadow

    Lovely windows, lovely cakes!

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  13. I’d definitely give the pink meringue a try lol since I’m strictly gluten free so couldn’t try the cakes.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Ooh and textile tuesday sounds great!

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  15. Fabulous windows! Really interested to know what the Laduree black macaroons might be flavoured with. Maybe licorice?

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  16. Super windows. I love the leather bags. Here’s my post for this month.
    I am so looking forward to Textile Tuesday in 2020. Nice one.

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    • Thank you for your entry Cathy – another wonderful set of windows in your lovely town – and a MUCH better cake! 🙂
      I’m delighted you like the idea of Textile Tuesdays. ❤


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  18. I’m not a lover of ‘posh’ patisserie and not keen on macarons at all. I’d rather have a scone or a nice rock bun. I might be living in the wrong country 🙄
    I love the wall art in Brick Lane.
    Textile Tuesdays is a good idea and I might join in from time to time (when I’m not doing my Tight Lipped Tuesdays) – I’m sure they’ll be lots to drool over.

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  19. Rustic Pumpkin

    Splat Cake? no thank you. Love the Burlington Arcade, it’s like another world.

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  20. Ooh, great idea 🙂 Not sure about splat cakes though 🙂

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  21. Ooh, I love the idea of Textile Tuesdays! 🙂

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