It is very exciting to see one’s name in print and even more exciting to know that this blog has provided a spark of inspiration for a fellow blogger.

Amanda of ‘View From Our Hill’ contacted me about the balls I had covered with teabags. See my post here.

They had given her some ideas about how to revive some of her Temari Balls, follow the link to see her blog post about them. She told me about the article she was planning to write and asked if it was ok to mention my blog – of course I was delighted to say ‘YES’!

Amanda writes for WOWbooks and her spread appears in this latest edition. 

look a little closer

Eeek! Thank you Amanda – so thrilling! What a joy to receive this book in the post.

The book is beautifully produced. I wrote to the publishers to ask permission to post these photos and got such warm and generous replies. The book is satin-like to the touch and full of gorgeous photos, useful information and packed with ideas.

You can find previous editions on their website, and they can also be bought as PDFs.

I am really going to enjoy reading the articles and fancy having a go at the ‘Wax and Dammar’ – Dammar is a new word for me – a resin apparently. I have never done any encaustic work before and I am intrigued.

Let me know if you have worked with wax and dammar – I would love to hear any tips you might be able to pass on.


23 responses to “WOWbook7

  1. Congrats Sandra and looks like the book is inspiring you to try some new ideas…
    Cheers Catherine, a bit behind on blogs right now

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  2. Very exciting, congrats Sandra! 🎉

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  3. Glad you enjoyed the book Sandra. Don’t forget there’s more things in the members section on the website too. 😊

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  4. It’s lovely to be recognised, but even better when it’s in a really gorgeous publication that does you credit!

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  5. How exciting! You have been immortalised in print.

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  6. Congratulations, Sandra! Will take a peak at their web site. If they have pdf’s… 😉

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  7. Encaustic art is great and you can do fabulous mandalas. I have the kit so to speak but haven’t done it for 20years…..
    Congratulations on being in the book. A new one on me, are they good? Look forward to seeing what you make.

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  8. oooohhhh how exciting!!!

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  9. WoW indeed! What a lovely thing to have happen to such a lovely person. You deserve it. Congratulations.

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  10. Going Batty in Wales

    How exciting! Congratulations! I follow Amanda’s blog too – another very creative person. I shall have a look at the WOW books.

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