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Haiku Challenge, this week’s prompt words: SOURCE and THOUGHT

Photo challenge, this week’s subject: SKY

Next Week’s photo prompt: LOVE

Other SKY photos: Jamie’s, golden glow; Cathy’s, oh that blue! Welcome aboard Cathy! ; Garry, with a cheeky little cloud; Melissa, atmospheric and heartfelt; Erika fishing for sunshine.

And one of my favourites in the Haiku Challenge: from Lemon Shark Reef.

And for my favourite line, go to Thotpurge, a wonderful line about ‘yarn’ – beautiful!

21 responses to “Sky

  1. Sometimes we get so far from our origins that we lose part of ourselves. We should stop and remember where we came from. Great one!

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  3. Wow, love both the haiku (very deep) and the picture (stunning) !!

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  4. Beautiful haiku. It’s gorgeous and the photo is stunning. Thanks for visiting and for the generous shout-out. 🙂 Much appreciated.

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  5. hmm, maybe I must do the photo challenge as well. Awesome photo. Awesome Haiku.

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    • Oooo Oooo oooo! we would be delighted to have you join us in the photo challenge! So glad you liked my entires this week. There is still time to enter a ‘SKY’ photo (up until tomorrow, Sunday) and next week’s subject is LOVE. i like to way we have all the subjects set out for us in this challenge – and I also like the surprise of Ronovan’s prompt words and seeing if the two can work together. Excited to see if you decide to join our happy little band of photographers! ❤

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  6. Such a magnificent picture–I can only imagine how much grander this moment must have been in person! Your Haiku suits it perfectly too…Ronovan unknowingly picked two words that work so well with the photo word this week. Working on mine now…can’t seem to wrap it up though! A nice rainy day here, fit for writing by the fire.

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    • It was a stunning moment! I wish now that I had taken a video of the subtly changing sky.
      And yours! You wrapped it up beautifully! So thoughtful with such a REAL and important message.


  7. I witnessed a sunset like this, only once , but I didn’t get a photo . I even tried (unsuccessfully) to paint it. It came with a fabulous memory. A friend and I climbed a cliff by the sea and he played a didgeridoo and I played a bodran , it was so atmospheric, very spontaneous and the sky was awesome. Just like your photo. Thank you for the memory. You have made my day!!🌟🔆🌟🔆🌟

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    • That warms my heart Roz!! Thank you so much for sharing that delicious memory, I have a wonderful picture in my mind of you and your friend against the spectacular sunset, with perfect sounds to accompany such a moment. ❤ I love it that this photo brought back such a memory. (just thinking if you would like a high resolution copy of the photo, go to the Contact page and let me know – I'm happy to email one to you)


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  9. That sky is just gorgeous, the purples and pinks, stunning. So happy I have decided to join in the challenge. Thanks for the wonderful welcome.

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    • It was taken from the bottom of my garden, never seen a sunset like it, before or since. I’m delighted you have joined us! It really is great to see how each of us interpret the theme each week. 🙂

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  10. I loved the photo & the haiku. Such brilliant colours. 🙂

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  11. I love the colours in that photo; beautiful.
    I thought the Haiku was very expressive too. 🙂

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