Haiku mind sharpens

in the tranquil rock garden

daily bell for peace


Weekly haiku challenge prompt words: HAIKU & MIND


Joining in with Bluedaisyz weekly photo challenge, week 44 of 52: SHARP

Next week: SPIN


13 responses to “Sharp

  1. Hi! Relaxing imagery. I enjoyed your haiku. 🙂

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    • Thank you Vashti. I had walked in a Japanese garden on my first day in Japan where they really did ring a bell each day for peace, and I was invited to ring it – I was pleased to be able to write a Haiku to commemorate this magical experience.


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  3. Brilliant Daffy! 🙂

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  4. Oh so simple, so effective – must join in, sometime… 😉

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  5. Your Haiku, very tranquil. Your photo, I see foreboding shadows. They each brought me to different places in my mind. Xx

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    • Oooooh thank you for your comment – you have made me think that is another set of opposites. Now I see a connection. I did the post in a bit of a rush so it is great to get your comment. ❤️


  6. Good interpretation of sharp, not an easy topic!

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