cheering in the ninth

from hot and muggy Iowa

created by K


Just as I was putting together a post about iHanna’s Post Card Swap and simultaneously wondering what on earth I was going to photograph for our Photo Challenge prompt of HEAT – what should come skidding through my door puffing and panting but this postcard all the way from Iowa! Serendipity!

The ninth to arrive out of a possible 10 – and a very welcome addition to the collection with perfect timing. Here are the other 8:


This card was sent to me by Kirsten in California- I love a good quote. It was one of the first post cards I received in the swap which I wrote about back in May.

This one came from Emma in Rapid City, South Dakota. I have never been to South Dakota but my son went to a rodeo there when he was on his gap year back in 1998


It feels so good to be connecting with other creatives from all over the world and getting these gems through the post.


We are all given 10 addresses and so should receive 10 cards in return, if all goes well, but sometimes I guess life and other commitments get in the way and this year eight 9 little works of art have arrived.

Going clockwise from top left, these cards came from Valerie in California; Kirsten in California; Gertrude, Lake Ontario; ‘Fanciful Flutterbys” by Judith Pennsylvania; Emma in South Dakota; Julie in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Pam from Fargo, North Dakota and the hearts from Tina in Florida.

This one by Gertrude seems to be made in a similar way to my post cards. Such a perky little bird drawn on layers of collage, painting and stamping. I like its interesting background and the simple cheerful design. I also like the way Gertrude has gone all round the card’s cut edge with black pen, I’ll try to remember to do that on my cards for a good finish.


This one from Tina uses layers of stamped and printed designs for the background, creating a similar effect


and comes from sunny Florida where in May, Tina wrote, it was already ‘too hot‘, but she was enjoying seeing the ‘neat birds and gatars in the back lake’. A wonderful glimpse into her world.

Joining in with Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge, where he is celebrating his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON!

prompt words: CHEER and BIRTH

cheering in the ninth from hot and muggy Iowa

from hot and muggy Iowa created by K

I have used ‘created’ as a word connected with ‘BIRTH’.


our 52 Week Photo Challenge, created by Cathy, Jane, Melissa and me

Join in any time, next week’s prompt is




22 responses to “Heat

  1. Kristen Ursin-Smith

    I’m glad you liked the quote!! Tim Holtz has quote stamps I love and that really resonate with me, including the one I used on your postcard.

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  2. Lucky you, to have received your inspiration so perfectly timed. And how clever to have discovered the haiku “hidden” in the message! The cards you received are so pretty, a very nice idea indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Silver Threading

    What a creative person you are! Excellent haiku and I loved your cards! ❤

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  6. Love when inspiration comes through the door like that. 🙂 You have a very colourful collection there, such a great idea!

    Here is my photo for the week… https://thearanartisan.com/2016/06/26/three-cheers-for-summer/

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  8. Sandra what a lovely collection of art cards you have received, I’ve done textile postcard and atc exchanges it is nice sending and getting these little gems, Frances

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  9. Beautiful postcards and I love your very original haiku.

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    • Thank you for your kind words Janice – each week it gives me a thrill to try to mix and match the two challenges. I often think Yikes! when Ron’s words come through, but then …. something gets on the page. I used to like doing cryptic crosswords I think this satisfies the same bit of my mind.

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  10. This is such a lovely idea with you all sharing your postcards, I love that you have managed to make a haiku out of it too Daffy! Your creativity really knows no bounds 🙂

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  11. Interesting creative approach using the cards Sandra

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