Sculpture By the Lakes

Photos taken at Sculpture by the Lakes in May 2014 of this bronze sculpture surrounded by thrift.

Sculpture by the Lakes

joining Cee’s Flower of the Day

Sculpture by the Lakes

and look, it’s the same colour as my handbag

Kipling Handbag

If you ever get a chance to go to these gardens, go – it is the most stunningly beautiful, peaceful spot with spectacular sculpture and superb garden design all to the highest quality.

On the subject of ‘thrift’ does mending count? bringing me right back down to earth …….


…the pile of mending and alterations that sit on the end of my sofa waiting for me to be in the right mood to tackle it. Bimbo’s ear and a couple of his seams need attention and the doll needs her foot. The rest of it (mostly for grandhchildren) is much less appealing!

Thank you for all the entires to this week’s  Photo Challenge, I’m a little late to the party this week, but managed to squeak in. Leave a link in the comments to be included in the monthly round-up.


25 responses to “Thrift

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  3. Fascinating botany lesson and great images Sandra.

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  4. I never knew there was a flower called thrift, either. Lovely! And your bag certainly does go with that little flower. Good luck with the mending.

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  5. I’ve only seen thrift growing wild before. Never thought of it for gardens. That pile of mending makes me shiver! I really don’t like mending. Maybe because I’m not very good at it.

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    That sculpture and thrift look beautiful together.

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  7. I love those flowers Daffy such a pretty colour, as is your bag!!!! 🙂

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  8. I had no idea there was a plant known as thrift. 😄 Another reason why I love these blogs!

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  9. I have had some thrift in a large pot for several years. It was getting so large that I moved some. It did well until we went into this horrid drought. I have to water water water and life just doesn’t always give me the chance. I can’t imagine having a patch as large as what is around this statue. It is a striking image. I hate to mend. The pile does grow large before any mending is done.

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    • I never thought of growing thrift in a pot – I’m going to try that, I do love the magenta colour of it.
      When I’m in the mood I like to mend, very satisfying, I polish my halo! BUT i have to be in the mood.


  10. gorgeous photos! love your bag ^^ and oh my to your pile of mending. I tackled mine yesterday but it was no where near as bad as yours.

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  11. When I saw the title I automatically thought of ‘being thrifty’ and couldn’t work out the relevance of the first photo. I’m not any kind of gardener and have never heard of ‘Thrift’! Beautifully captured though.

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  12. How can you resist that lovely mending? So glad someone shared a picture of thrift. Meantime thats not a handbag thats a holdall, you seem to have half a library in there.

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  13. Most interesting … we had a dog with us when we visited, hence were not allowed in, so it is great to get a glimpse.

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