Afghan, Boyghan or Manghan

crochet blanket for a boy

At last my blanket for Master R is finished!

My daughter thinks it looks a bit wizardy – I see what she means, the designs could definitely be magical symbols used in an 8 year old’s incantations – he’s reading the Harry Potter books at the moment.

The blanket measures 1metre x 1m30cm, just right to snuggle under on the sofa, or to go over his duvet on his top-bunk bed.

Master R is now aged 8. He was 5 when I started it. He wanted a blanket in purples and greens, not colours I would choose to put together.

I usually LOVE co-creating things for my grandchildren and bringing their ideas to life, but this has been my most challenging project to date.

Back in July I wrote of the journey thus far showing some of the early ideas, experiments and samples that had been rejected by my co-designer.

Together we arrived at these Squares and colours, he knows what he likes!

On the whole I feel it is important to encourage children to make as many decisions for themselves as they can – but I have to admit this one took me to pushing past my own resistances to make something I personally did not love! It languished in the W.I.P. pile for far too long at times.

However I’m thrilled with how it turned out and to know Master R will get what he wanted is very satisfying indeed.

The square patterns are from the Nuts About Squares crochet along.

Master R’s choices:

Esme’s Winter Cottage by  Dedri Uys

Esme's Winter Cottage

and my variation

variation on Esme's Winter Cottage design

Denna by Polly Plum


Bavarian Beauty by Heather Gibbs

Bavarian Beauty, boys crochet blanket

Made in Stylecraft Special DK and a 5mm hook


Emperor, Wisteria, Violet, Khaki, Pistachio, Meadow, Lime, Cypress, Midnight, Silver, Grey

I made up the border design

crochet edging

Starting with the surface zig-zag as shown in Esme’s Winter Cottage, then a row of double crochet (US) in Emperor; a row of Single Crochet (US) in Khaki; a row of double crochet in the back loops only, in Meadow; a row of SCs in Khaki; then a row of back loop DCs in Emperor; finished with a row of Crab Stitch in Emperor.

I’m enjoying my Ta Dah! moment!

Joining Nancy Merrill’s Photo Challenge: PURPLE


48 responses to “Afghan, Boyghan or Manghan

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  3. I’ve just returned to this post to find the Bavarian beauty pattern… I knew I’d get round to sorting out that long abandoned blanket eventually and I think the time has now come… I have a day minding the yarn shop later this week and this might be the project I take with me… thank you again.

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    • It is always thrilling to know that something I have posted is helpful. Thank you so much for letting me know Jan.
      I hope it is warmer for you in the shop this time – it has been pretty chilly here today. ❤


      • Very autumnal here at the moment… I will take plenty of warm clothes and I can always retreat into the back room with the radiator if it gets too chilly. Part of the reason I think the blanket project will be good is that it will keep my lap warm!

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        • I have been going through emails to check if I have missed any comments and I missed replying to this one of yours – how extraordinary to think of those chilly days in April after only a few months here we are in a heatwave. A bit nerve-wracking as far as climate change goes but i am really enjoying this sunny weather, especially as it is not so oppressively hot any more. 🙂


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  5. Maybe not colours that you would naturally choose, but you’ve certainly pulled it off and got the balance just right – it’s stunning! I hope he loves it, especially as it most definitely HAS got something wizard-like emanating from it. Kudos to you for reaching the finish line and leaping over it after three long years:)

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    • Thank you so much Sheila for your kind comments. He does REALLY love it and thinks it very Harry Potter – a big TICK there for Granny!
      (Sorry this reply is so late but for some reason the notification of your comment hs been languishing in Spam – strange things afoot! Naughty wizards maybe)

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  6. Wonderful to have this finished Sandra – and I am glad you are pleased with the result despite the trials and tribuations invoved in making it 😉

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  7. chapeau! that is a very nice blanket.

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  8. Love the colours and designs. It’s always a good feeling when a project is completed 🙂

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  9. This has boy written all over it! I think it will age well with him too! A very bold statement, but it still has a muted quality that will work for an older teen. You really spanned the distance with this one-so creative!

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  10. Congratulations on sticking with it, and for such wonderful designs!
    Am certain he will love & cherish it for many years.
    Happiest of holidays to you all! xx

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  11. It looks really cool and you will both have the memories!

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  12. Murtagh's Meadow

    i think it is fabilous. I like the purple / green combination.

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  13. “Manghan”….Word of da Day!

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  14. Laurie Graves

    Fabulous! And while the color combinations might be unconventional, they go together beautifully in this blanket. Finally, it does have a touch of magic in it. All the better, as far as I am concerned.

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  15. I’ve loved this since the first time you wrote about it! Crochet often seems namby pamby to me (sorry!) but this afghan is anything but! It’s dramatic and big and bold and, yes, it has the feel of a wizard behind it. And you were a wizard to put your grandson’s desires before your own!

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  16. The blanket looks great and the border finished it off nicely.

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  17. I didn’t think I’d like it but I do. It’s magical, straight out of Harry Potter. He will love it. 🧙🏼‍♂️

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  18. It really looks amazing… not colours I would have put together in a million years, but very effective in the completed blanket.
    I must thank you for posting this because it includes a square that has a Bavarian crochet centre and a different border. About three years ago I started a Bavarian crochet blanket, and got to about 24 inches square before putting it aside because I was bored repeating the same stitches over and over. I planned to come back to it and complete it with a different outer part, but I couldn’t decide exactly what to do. However, having seen Bavarian Beauty I can see a way forward. Maybe that’s what I’ll do once Sophie is finished.

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  19. It’s stunning, and something of the celtic about it. I think you have a Welsh wizard from the hills here.

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