Bluedaisyz Weekly Photo ChallengePURPLE

Master R has asked for a blanket to be mainly purple and green – a bit of a challenge for me. I have persuaded him to let me add a few more colours.

I have started colouring a page in ‘The Enchanted Forest” in purples to play with colour combos

DSC_0640 colouring bk

Have you seen these books

very relaxing to do on holidayDSC_0641 DSC_0642 DSC_0644 DSC_0645 DSC_0646


13 responses to “Purple

  1. I rather like a bit of grown up colouring when I get the chance – you’ e reminded me to dig mine out!

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  3. I love the blanket colours, really funky! I bought an adult colouring book and some lovely pencils whilst on hols in Bayeux recently… I can totally understand your pencil fetish! I have a nice box of Caran D’Ache pencils at home, but wanted to get started. It’s so relaxing, takes me back to my childhood when I would spent hours doing Altair design books.

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    • Yes you are right about it being a childhood thing – I think a lot of my craft activity is still about colouring in – I used to do masses of needlepoint. So glad you are with me on the pencils – i’m not alone! I’m wondering how the blanket is going to work out – you describing the colours as funky has encouraged me! Thank you!


  4. So beautiful! And relaxing…

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  5. Absolutely gorgeous!

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  6. I have never seen those books before but the pictures are beautiful. I love the way you have colored them Daffy :-).

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  7. Lovely interpretation of purple! What do you use for colouring?

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    • Thank you Cathy, any excuse to squeak some crochet into a post!
      I use Caran d’Ache colour pencils and 0.3mm Staedtler fine liner pens, both of which I bought from our local art shop – i felt like a kid at Christmas when I allowed myself to buy the 40 pencil colouring set – I still stroke them, all lined up in their box! Yes – bonkers! xxx


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